March 2009


A Welcome Note

And a 30-year promise...

  • By: Joe Healy

Yucatan Babies

Chico guide baby tarpon.jpg

More tarpon than you could hope for-but it's true, the fish are there.

  • By: Chico Fernandez

The River of Grass

Everglades bass may not be lunkers, but they're plentiful when the conditions are right.

Fly-fishing for largemouths with topwater flies reaches its peak when spring water levels fall in the Florida Everglades.

  • By: Steve Kantner

Night of the Hex

202742_Rod and Reel_print.jpg

Big bugs bring big expectations.

  • By: John Gierach

Great Gear for March

Cloud Wader Pant.jpg

Waders, rods, packs and more...

Gilded Treasure


Hunting dorado in Argentina.

  • Photography by: Brian Grossenbacher

Innovation / Achievement Kudos

gink 2.jpg

IT WAS SPRING ON MONTANA’S Big Hole River and my bushy Improved Sofa Pillow sank like a stone. I was about to snap a Sage rod over a knee when my father said, “Tie on a fresh fly and try some of this.” In midair that tiny item looked like another airline bottle, which my father was prone to offer at any time, morning or night, on our fishing trips. When that plastic bottle landed in my hand I said, “What the heck.” About five minutes later, with a fresh fly dressed with Gehrke’s Gink, I was fast to a solid brown and my dry-fly life changed forever.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Travel Insurance and fly-fishing updates


When you consider that a week-long trip to Montana might have a total value of $2,500, after factoring in transportation and lodging costs, and deposits with guides, a $100 to $200 insurance policy is cheap protection for your vacation in case things go awry. And things do go awry, just ask the experts.

Shop Talk


MOST OF US THINK THAT OWNING a fly shop would be a dream come true. Perhaps you have a favorite shop and covet the owner’s lot in life. Or perhaps you frequent an establishment that leaves you thinking, “Now if I were in charge around here... ”

  • By: Beau Beasley

Dark Spruce Fly


IF I WERE PLANNING AN EXOTIC TRIP TO someplace south of the equator, among the first patterns I’d put in my fly box would be Dark Spruce weighted streamers in sizes 2 through 6. I have an affinity for this fly partly because it’s one of the first steamer flies I learned to tie and, more important, because it always seems to work no matter where I fish it. To me an exotic trip equates to catching really big fish using big flies. Coq de Leon saddles solved the problem of tying large Spruce Fly streamers. The feathers have rounded tips and are long enough to easily tie size 2 or even larger, if you wish. Find one with furnace markings and dye it medium brown if it isn’t already dyed for you.

  • By: A. K. Best
  • Photography by: A. K. Best

Top 10 Trout Towns

Ennis, Montana, is one of the top trout towns...

The best of the Northern Rockies...

  • By: Greg Thomas

Coho Exploration

On the remote shores of Vancouver Island

In search of wild coho salmon and coastal thrills off the remote shores of Vancouver Island.

  • By: Rob Lyon

Back to the Past

A Sebago Landlocked Salmon

NEAR MY FISHING CAMP IN NEW Hampshire’s Rockingham County, there’s this archeological site said to have been constructed by ancient druids or their precursors. Several large, flat stones have grooves—blood grooves, we are told. Now that the site has been physically restored, a volunteer 501c3 citizens’ organization is attempting to restore historical function as well, including the sacrifice of virgins (though only on summer weekends for tour groups).

  • By: Ted Williams

British Columbia Update

Cover FRR0901.jpg

The Thompson, on of the great rivers of British Columbia, is closed to steelhead fishing. What this means for anglers and what you can do about ite...

  • By: Ehor Boyanowsky

Taimen in the Land of Khan

A prized Mongolian taimen.

A guide's journey on a river in Mongolia.

  • By: Peter Fong