June 2003

June 2003

The Cumberland River

Topics: Fishing Kentuckey's long unheralded tailwater Fish: Rainbow and brown trout Location(s): Kentucky State Sector: South Cental Water(s): Cumberland River Flypattern(s): Clouser Minnows

  • By: Ian Rutter

Golden Bonefish of the Third Coast

Topics: Fishing for carp in the freashwater sea of Lake Michigan Fish: Carp Location(s): Michigan State Sector: Northern Water(s): Lake Michigan Flypattern(s): "Clouser Crayfidh, black&brown Wooly Buggers, medium-size hellgrammite, stone-fly nymphs" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Airflow, Diamondback, Gamma

  • By: Bob Butz

Back To The Future

Topics: "Hodgman Guidelite Breathable waders with Hypalon soles; Winston Ibis 4-piece (3-9 weight), two Spey models 6/7 weight, 8/9 weight); Airflo Chalkstream and Lake Platinum series Line; Gamma Technologies Deep Blue Saltwater Tapered Leader; Diamondback Diamondglass tw-piece models (3 and 4-weight)Z

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Bear Stories

Topics: Dealing with bears safely

  • By: Will Rice

The World's Deadliest Stillwater Tactic

Topics: "First published in Nov/Dec 1996, the ""Yo-Yo Retrieve"" was a stillwater tactic LaFontaine discovered as a 12 year old fishing for bass and trout on Damariscotta Lake (ME)"

  • By: Gary LaFontaine

Wind River

Topics: Floating the Wind RIver Canyon on the Shoshone and Arapaho Reservation Location(s): Wyoming (WY) State Sector: Shoshone and Arapaho Reservation Water(s): Wind River Canyon

  • By: John Gierach

Blackfin Tuna

Topics: (off-shore) fly-fishing for blackfin tiuna Fish: Blackfin Tuna Location(s): "FL, Florida" State Sector: Key West Water(s): Gulf of Mexico

The Right Gear for Rollcasting

Topics: "The four things that most affect the rollcast are the rod (and rod length), the line, the leader and the fly"

  • By: Tim Rajeff

Executing the Perfect Rollcast

Topics: "A method of fly-casting in which the line is rolled forward without a backcast includes The Rollcast, The Long Rollcast, The Off-Shoulder Rollcast" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise, HMH Tube Fly and accessories, Evergreen Scale Models, "

  • By: Mel Krieger

Two Loops for Lines

Topics: "The Perfection Loop, the Surgeon's Loop"

  • By: Jason Borger

The Traveling Angler

Topics: "fishing with FRR sales rep Tim Moody on the West Branch of Delaware River at the Delaware River Club in Pennsylvania, northern Vermont salmon fishing with Northeast Kingdom Outfitters, browns, rainbows and landlocked salmon on Maine's Kennebec River with Blue Heron Guide Service and Kennebec

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Bear Attack!

Topics: "A lot of anglers have bear stories to tell, including FRR editor Paul Guernsey" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Angling desgins, Beaverkill Rods, Chota, G. Loomis, RIO Products, St. Croix"

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Upstream And Out of Mind

Topics: The feds abandon protection for headwater streams

  • By: Ted Williams

Philosophy & Practicality

Topics: "Basic Fly Tying: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (Edited by Jon Rounds, Stackpole Books), Mayflies ""Top to Bottom"" (Shane Stalcup, Frank Amato Publications), At the River's Edge: Lesson Learned in a Life of Fly Fishing (Jerry Kustich, West River Publishing), Fly-Fishing Odyssey:

  • By: Seth Norman

The Red Quill Parachute

Topics: The Red Quill Parachute is a marvelous searching pattern Flypattern(s): Red Quill Parachute

  • By: A. K. Best

Trout Tubes

Topics: "the Wet Winged Caddis, the Wet Winged Damp Caddis, the Wet Winged Caddis body with soft hackle, Stonefly Nymph, Popper (with removable head) Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise, HMH Tube Fly and accessories, Evergreen Scale Models. Reference: Tube Flies: A Tying&Historic Guide (Mark Mandell and Les Johnson:

  • By: Darrel Martin

Yvon Chouinard

Topics: "For Patagonia's founder, fly-fishing is not a sport, it's a passion"

  • By: Monte Burke

Too Old to Fly-Fish?

Topics: "Tips on not popping your tippet while getting the fish on the reel, information on the practical differences between 8-ft. and 9-ft. rods, when is one too old to start fly-fishing?"

  • By: Paul Guernsey
  • and Buzz Bryson