April 2003

April 2003

The FR&R Trout Bum Tournament

Topics: "Overview of what is a trout bum and a ""Trout Bum Tournament""; profiles on the Trout Bum exploits of teams ""Merkle"", ""Fat Man and Little Boy"", ""Ozark Graylings"", ""Canuck"", ""Southern Comfort"", and winners ""Team WIld Blue Yonder""." Fish: Trout Location(s): USA/Canada State Sector:

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Landlocked Salmon

Topics: Fishing for landlocked salmon for a fraction of the price of fishing for Atlantic salmon

  • By: John Gierach

Double Hauling and Triple Shooting

Topics: The Double Haul; Triple Shooting Season: Summer Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Sponsors St. Croix, Scientific Anglers"

  • By: Jason Borger

Tight Lines and Hot Rods

Topics: "RIO Clouser lines, the Clouser for Big Nasties, St. croix Legend Elite series, Angling Desgins Handi-Measure, G. Loomis CrossCurrent Rods (GLX 4-piece series, Pro-1 series and 3-piece models), Beaverkill Rods, Chota Telliico Shoal Boot Foot waders,"

  • By: Buzz Bryson

The Lady Is Back

Topics: "Montana's Madison River bounces back from Whirling Disease, dealing with the wind and weather, flies for the Madison, history and geography, wade or float?, Another Madison success story (the Three-Dollar Bridge on Candlestick Ranch), the Madison River Festival" Fish: "trout, rainbow trout,

  • By: Steve Kantner

These Boots Are Made For Wading

Topics: "Cabela's: Bite Steelhad FT Boot, 1,000 Denier Wading Boots, Master Guide Wading Boot, Backcountry Wading Boot, and Ultralight Wading Boot; Chota: ""STL"" Plus; Dan Bailey: SL Shoe, River Trekker II Shoe, Lightweight Felt Sole Shoe, and Outfitter II Shoe; Hodgman: Wadelite Wading Shoe and Wadetech

  • By: Ted Leeson

There's Mud on Our Boots

Topics: Beware and be aware of bears; FRR doesn't write about products that we have not used ourselves Season: "Spring, Summer"

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Role Reversal On The Colorado

Topics: Controlling the aliens and recovering the native fish on the Colorado River

  • By: Ted Williams

The More Things Change...

Topics: "Midge Magic (Don Holbrook, Stackpole Books), False Albacore: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing's Hottest Fish (Tom Gilmore, Countryman Press), The Paintings of Eldridge Hardie: Art of a Life in Sport (Eldridge Hardie, Stackpole Books), Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies: An Illustrated Step-By-Step

  • By: Seth Norman

Olive Quill Duns

Topics: Blue-Wing Olive Pattern Flypattern(s): Blue-Wing Olive Pattern Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Bite Footwear,Cabela's, Chota, Dan Bailey, Hodgman, L.L. Bean, Korkers, Orvis, Patagonia, Redington, Simms"

  • By: A. K. Best

Parachute Patterns Part II

Topics: "The Parachute Pupa, Mounting and Wrapping the Standard Parachute, The Lemhi Parachute Post Method, The Posted Hook Method (the Single Wire Post), The Expanded Parachute: The Double Post Method"

  • By: Darrel Martin

Lucia Lin and Mike Reynolds

Topics: Interview with classical musicians and fly-fishing enthusiasts' Lucia Lin and Michael Reynolds

  • By: Matthew Mayo

Sex and the Single Angler

Topics: "How to determine a fly line's weight, tying a double-loop weed guard on a bass fly using Mason hard mono, advise on how to ""hook up"" with single female anglers."

  • By: Buzz Bryson
  • and Paul Guernsey