March 2002

March 2002

Cleats & Stone

Topics: "Bruised and battered by slick rocks, wind, the sea and more often than not, the fish, jetty fisherman are the Spartans of anglers. " Fish: "stripers, bluefish, grey seatrout, cobia, snook, tarpon" Location(s): New Jersey to Florida Water(s): Atlantic Flypattern(s): "the 'Jart', the 'Lucky',

  • By: Peter Morgan

Tackle Guide 2002 (Rods for Salt Water Reviewed)

Topics: "Multi-piece rods reviewed include: Abel 8 and 14 weight, ADG Colorado Series, Cabela's SL, FT, PT, Fish Eagle, Traditional, Stowaway series, Castle Arms Castleman's Heritage, Cortland CL, Diamondback Backwater and Stu Apte series, FlyLogic Optimum Series and Optimum Plus Series, G. Loomis GLX,

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Tackle Guide 2002: New Gear

Topics: "New products reviewed: Fishpond Titanium Clippers, Highland Trading Company SportTube Master series cartop rod carrier, Jet Bag 2-in-1 Travel System, L.L. Bean Emerger Jacket, Orvis T3 rods, Patagonia Dragonfly Jacket, Rio Products, Rio Grand fly line, Sage Graphite IIIe SLT rods, Simms Flats

  • By: Buzz Bryson
  • , Ted Leeson
  • and Darrel Martin

Tackle Guide 2002: Non-Rotary Vises

Topics: "Anvil Apex vise, Dyna-King Professional, Dyna-King Squire, Dyna-King Voyager II, Dyna-King Kingfisher, Griffin Patriot Cam vise, Superior 2A vise and 3AR vise, HMH Standard bench vise, HMH Spartan, Mayfler, Regal Rotary and Inex models, Stonefly by Hopkins and Holloway, D.H. Thompson 360-SLT

  • By: Ted Leeson

Montana Nowhere

Topics: High plains Montana-a side of the state few fly fishers have seen Fish: "smallmouth, rainbow, brown trout, northern pike, cutthroats" Location(s): Eastern Montana State Sector: Pryor Mountains Insect(s): "caddis, mayflies" Flypattern(s): "Bugger, Elkhair Caddis, " Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Abel,

  • By: John Holt

The Excitement of Fly-Fishing

Topics: "As FRR begins its 24th year of publication a new subtitle emerges: ""The Excitement of Fly-Fishing"", a rededication, of sorts, of the founding principles of John Merwin." Season: April through October

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Three Rivers Lodge

Topics: "Labrador's Three Rivers Lodge provides comfortable cabins, good food and great fishing" Fish: "Labrador brook-trout, arctic char, lake trout, land-locked salmon, pike, whitefish" Location(s): Labrador Water(s): Three Rivers Flypattern(s): "Humpies, Royal Wulffs, caddisflies, Quill Duns, mouse/lemming

  • By: A. K. Best

River Music

Topics: "River Music: A Fly Fisher's Four Seasons (James R. Babb, Lyons Press), The Estuary Flyfisher (Steve Raymond, Frank Amato Publications), Cripples&Spinners (Kelly Galloup, Dean Publishing)" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Anvil, Cabela's, D.H. Thompson, Dyna-King, Griffin, HMH, Maylyer, Metz, Regal,

  • By: Seth Norman

Leech Patterns - Part 1

Topics: "Whitlock Chamois, Swimming Leech, Leather Leech," Flypattern(s): "Whitlock chamois swimming leech, leather leech,"

  • By: Darrel Martin

Brook Trout

Topics: The brook trout of a lifetime caught while alone Fish: Brook trout Location(s): "Three Rivers Lodge, Labrador" Water(s): "Woods River, Eagle River" Flypattern(s): Muddler Minnow Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Abel, Alpine Innovations, Cortland, Edgewater, Fishpond, Jackson Cardinal, Inc., Jet Bags,

  • By: John Gierach

Striper Recovery - Not

Topics: "Eleven years after the 1984 Atlantic Striper Bass Conservation Act, stripers proliferated. 1995s Amendment V to the Atlantic Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan signficantlly increased the recreational and commerical harvest of striped bass, allowing the Atlantic Coast striper stock to be fished

  • By: Ted Williams