Water Wrongs

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: The federal govenment is giving away our Western rivers

Mark O'Meara

  • By: Chris Santella

Topics: The 1998 Master Tournamet winner believes there is a strong connection between golf and fly-fishing

"The ""New"" FR&R"

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "Ask FRR, ""Who Fly-Fishes"", the Trout Bum Tournament, etc. are just some of the changes and/or additions to ensure subscribers hoping for originality are never disapppointed"

Drama and Thrills

  • By: A. K. Best

Topics: Tying the Floating Hare's Ear Nymph

Sticky Situations

  • By: Paul Guernsey
  • and Buzz Bryson

Topics: Remedies for stuck ferrules; buying a streamer rod that can throw full-sinking and floating lines; personal fishing by guides on the client's time and money