Butler’s Bucket List

  • By: Jim_Butler

Campeche, Mexico

Butler’s Bucket List

  • By: Jim_Butler

Madison River Montana
During the salmonfly hatch. We’ve all heard the stories. How this hatch is your best stateside opportunity to catch a trout in excess of five pounds on a dry fly. How a sock lashed to a hook will work if you time things right. How the fishing makes adults cry.

Saved by Big Snelda

  • By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas
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If you fly-fish then you travel, if not literally, at least in your mind. In fact, dreaming is in a fly fisher’s DNA, our dark secret when seated at the office, trading our fishing time for money, looking deeply into the monitor, seeing nothing but water and waves and some sort of beast on the end of the line.

In Patagonia

  • By: Dave Karczynski
  • Photography by: Dave Karczynski

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There are two ways to get to Patagonia. The first route requires some long-term planning. First, you develop employable skills as a youngster, study something respectable in college, get a decent job and save your money.

Practical and Useful

  • By: Dave Hughes

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Naturals on top? Try wet flies rather than dries.