Fly Tying

Nymphing Simplified

  • By: David Hughes
  • Photography by: David Hughes

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In water as boisterous as this, you’ll need weighted nymphs and a substantial indicator. If you start fishing with a couple of small split-shot on your leader, you can add another if you’re not catching either trout or the bottom, and subtract one if you snag and fail to get a drift.

Low and Slow for Winter Trout

  • By: Kelly Galloup

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During winter’s low-light period, fish need to conserve energy or at least use their energy in an efficient and sparing way. In doing so, winter fish often move deeper or at least lower in the water column, much like a trout would during summer to avoid high water temperatures near the surface.

Pro Tying

  • Photography by: Emily Lilienthal

This innovative and small crawdad is a bass-sticker in Arizona and beyond.

Guide Flies


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Forget what Bogart said. Crush trout this spring with Chan’s deadly micro-leeches.

guide flies

  • By: Kelly Galloup
  • Photography by: Louis Cahill

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The first time I took a fly pattern to a manufacturer was back in 1980, and since then I’ve submitted many, many more. For me it was a relatively easy process because there were very few people submitting new patterns at that time; now, as an established fly designer (and a shop owner for more than 30 years) it’s even less of a chore.