From my friend Mike Furtman

Do you realize that your tax dollars actually support the destruction of prairies and wetlands? The federal government backs the farmer's crop insurance. When he plants crops on high risk areas, such as the little remaining prairie that is left, and it fails to yield a crop, you cover his ass. Nice deal if you can get it. There's a reason most of the remaining prairie wasn't plowed by the fathers and grandfathers of today's farmers -- it is ill suited for anything but grass, and they knew it! But with the subsidy you're paying, they can take the risk, and wetlands and wildlife suffer. You can insist that, if farmer Jones wants you to subsidize his crop insurance, then he must leave wetlands and native grasslands untouched. PLEASE follow this link in the post immediately below this one on my timeline. It will take you to the Ducks Unlimited website (you do not have to be a member) where they explain this more, and make it very easy for you to contact your Representative to make sure conservation compliance is in the Farm Bill. They vote this week!!! Do it NOW. Thanks. — Time To Fight For Conservation In The Farm Bill (3 photos)
We can either have this -- with all the wildlife that the wetlands and grasslands produce.... Or we can have this -- a square mile of native prairie burned (bottom half) and burned, then plowed (top half). The burned portion is probably plowed by now. I took this photo a month ago.