Off the Beaten Path

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A salmonfly pattern fools a Yellowstone River cutthroat

Week 7: Exploring the Eastern End of Yellowstone

Thank the Weather Gods


Summer weather opens up the fishing on the west side of Yellowstone.

A Belated Birthday Gift

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A birthday wish come true

It was a day on which I envisioned landing a 21-inch fish in commemoration of my birthday.

Taimen in Yellowstone?

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A nice consolation prize

Week 4: I didn't know if there was a fish in Yellowstone's Trout Lake large enough to eat a mouse pattern, but I tied it on anyway.

No Walk in the Park

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
Casting in a blizzard on June

Week 3: Cold, wet, rainy... but there are still fish to be caught in the Yellowstone region.

Waiting It Out

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer

Steven here reporting from Yellowstone, Week #2: The Firehole and Gibbon rivers looked more like rivers in Willy Wonka's Factory than blue-ribbon fisheries...

On a Fishin' Mission

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
Steven and his friend Dan and a large fish bum trout

My name is Steven Spigelmyer, I'm 20 years old, from Las Vegas. And I'm spending the summer as a trout bum in and around Yellowstone National Park. These are my stories.

Required Reading


New adventures from a favorite fly-fishing penman

Taking a Bow

  • By: Paul Guernsey

What is the most important milestone in an angler's career? Most fly-fishers would probably tell you it's that usually awkward, always triumphant, moment when you hook and land your first fish on a fly. My own first fly-caught trout came from the Little Beaverkill, just upriver from Junction Pool in