Gear, Gear and More Gear

  • By: Zach Matthews
  • and Dave Karczynski
  • and Ted Leeson
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There’s no getting around it: We love stuff. The following are items that have recently caught the eyes of our roving tackle junkies. Look for full tests in the future, in the pages of Fly Rod & Reel or here on

Field Test

  • By: Ted Leeson

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Fishing in winter conditions, you need the right gear to give yourself a snowball’s chance.

Premium Cooler Throwdown

  • By: Zach Matthews

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Muck it up, Gear Hounds

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
  • Photography by: Fly Rod and Reel

19 Killer products that came across our bows this year

photograph by adam tavender

Lose the Ego. Grab a Staff

  • By: Jim Bean
Wading Staff

There are plenty of fly fishers who plunge boldly into swift and treacherous rivers without the aid of a wading staff. Indeed, there is a widespread sentiment that only a weenie or an overly cautious old fart uses one. I may fit both categories. It’s true that I have less to lose at this age, but I am also more loath than ever to lose it.