Robbed by RAT's

  • By: Ted Williams

You're losing more than money when you have to pay to fish public water

Under the Influence of Ethanol

  • By: Ted Williams

America's corn-based ethanol program carries high costs in fish, wildlife and tax dollars

Reforming the Corps of Engineers

  • By: Ted Williams

The Corps has tried to control nature. Now it's time to control the Corps.

Pits in the Crown Jewels

  • By: Ted Williams

It was a day of superlatives in a place of superlatives. I had thought I threw a long line until I watched the guy fishing with me--Steve Rajeff, who can cast farther than any other man on the planet [see: Ask FR&R July/October]. Together we eased down the clean gravel of the river that sustains the

Time Bomb in the Earth

  • By: Ted Williams

We're unleashing a killer in the heart of Yellowstone cutthroat country

A Cautionary Tale

  • By: Ted Williams

Rogue ranchers threaten Western trout water

A Plague on All Your Forests

  • By: Ted Williams

Country roads may 'take you home,' but logging roads ruin rivers

Bringing Back The Giants

  • By: Ted Williams

The latest on saving the big brookies of the Great Lakes

Don Bayes

  • By: Mike Benbow

Saving Washington's Church Creek and teaching the next generation

Wind Advisory

  • By: Ted Williams

Wind power is a splendid idea-but only in the right place