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2008 Readers' Choice Award

Let your voice be heard! Do you have a favorite piece of gear remarkable for its quality, performance or longevity? Well, let us know. We are currently taking nominations for the 2008 FR&R Readers' Choice Award. The award is open to any item or piece of gear used while fly-fishing--vises, scissors,

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The White Pickup Truck Solution:

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The 2007 Traver Writing Award

Neoprene Makers Pay CalTrout

As a part of a multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuit against the manufacturers of neoprene materials, California Trout will receive a portion of the $3 million settlement. The lawsuit, filed in California state court, contended that the neoprene manufacturers conspired to fix the price of neoprene,

Cast from the Past

Once you get hooked on this hatch, you can't leave it alone. It's one of the most absorbing hatches we fish, and it can be the most rewarding or the most exasperating. Dick Pobst on the Hex hatch May/June 1985

$15,000 Fly Rod

Here's your chance to own a piece of history

Prosek Joins Winston

FR&R contributing editor James Prosek has teamed up with the folks at Twin Bridges, Montana, and will work with Winston to further protect and conserve indigenous trout species around the world through the World Trout program. James also appears in a short film about the program filmed by Feltsoul

Judge Finds for Public on The Little Juniata River

In a victory for public access advocates, a Pennsylvania judge has ruled that the Little Juniata River is a navigable waterway and open to the public for fishing and boating. The ruling puts to rest a long-simmering dispute between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the owners of the Spring Ridge Club,