Travel Insurance and fly-fishing updates


When you consider that a week-long trip to Montana might have a total value of $2,500, after factoring in transportation and lodging costs, and deposits with guides, a $100 to $200 insurance policy is cheap protection for your vacation in case things go awry. And things do go awry, just ask the experts.

A Life in Rod-Making

  • By: Seth Norman

"There are high achievers within the rodmaking community today that deserve to be recognized for their hard work," says Chet Croco, owner of Bellinger rod-building products, "and to receive the high praise and esteem of their colleagues while they are among us. All too often the award is deserved but the recognition comes too late. So I made up an award called the A.P. Bellinger award…and when (Al Bellinger) came by to visit one day I brought the guys over and announced to Al that they were being presented with the first ever A.P. Bellinger Award…for demonstrating through the rod-maker's craft that quality and integrity never go out of style."

Short Casts

  • By: James Butler
Why Fly Fish

Why Fly Fishing? A new DVD asks, and answers, this very question. By Jim Butler It all started at the Yale Peabody Museum, really. The Peabody was making plans to display a traveling exhibit from the American Museum of Fly Fishing (AMFF), called "Seeing Wonders: The Nature of Fly Fishing."

Required Reading


New adventures from a favorite fly-fishing penman

Short Casts


Updating the TU's stream-access debate, contest info and more.

Win a Winston Rod & Bob White Prints


It's been 16 years, and soon-to-be 100 issues, since John Gierach and Bob White teamed up to create the "Sporting Life" column that graces the back pages of FR&R. To celebrate the 100th column (which will appear in July/October '08) we have partnered with Bob and the folks at the Winston Rod Company

Short Casts

Leaf Argotti in New Zealand

The winner of the Bob White reel contest, Fish Porn and more.

Short Casts

FR amp R Fly Fishing Film Tour

We're pleased to announce that Kirk Hall of Evanston, Wyoming, is the winner of the 2007 Fly-Fishing Film Festival

Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2: Kiwi Camo

If you haven't seen The Angling Exploration Group's new DVD, you're missing out. AEG's sophomore effort is a tight, polished film full of the same excitement and intensity that made Volume 1 an instant classic. Capturing four months that the AEG guys and friends spent on the road chasing trout in New

Prehistoric Fish Porn

So 25,000 years ago a guy in southern France went fishing and caught an Atlantic salmon. It was pretty big and he was rather proud of himself. His cave-mate was suitably impressed when he brought it back to her for dinner. Like all fishermen, though, he wanted something to show his buddies just how big