Premium Cooler Throwdown

  • By: Zach Matthews

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An angle on art

  • By: Bob White

jSCOTT WELLS IS A GYOTAKU printmaker who works in a technique that few of us have seen and even fewer can pronounce. Until I met Wells, I simply referred to his work as “fish printing.”
However, once you understand the art, the name makes a lot of sense. Gyo, in Japanese, means “fish,” and taku means “rubbing.”

Personal History

  • By: George Cook
  • Photography by: George Cook

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jDeep in the blurry throws of engagement, I stepped out of a skiff on Alaska’s Nushagak River and said to my fiancée, Jen, “Yeah sweetie, you get first water all week long on this gig.”

Guide Flies

  • By: David Skok
  • Photography by: David Skok

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jLONG after striped bass shed their springtime sea lice, and warm water sends most of them offshore to cooler environs where the herring play, a few tricky individuals remain, tempting the most dedicated angler’s patience and pride. Bass of all sizes, no longer as aggressive as they were just a month or two before, feed with discretion.