Cast from the Past

If you think the writers themselves are whores, there's probably nothing I can say to change your mind, but I will point out for the record that every fishing writer I've ever talked to does this because he loves the life and the places where wild fish live and, even if he was tempted to sell out a place

2006 William Joseph Gear Sweepstakes Winners

In February we drew the names of the winners of $900 worth of William Joseph gear and apparel. The two lucky anglers are Mark Straughn (top) of Yorkville, Illinois; and Lee Chertavian of Wayland, Massachusetts. Both men are avid anglers and will definitely put this gear to use. Among the items they won

Old School: New School: Waders

You don't have to look back far to see how much waders have changed over the years. Heck, 20 years ago neoprene waders--those steamy saunas for your legs and nether regions--were considered state of the art; now they just seem barbaric. These days things are far more civilized. An angler now has the

Update: New Zealand Mud Snails

New Zealand mud snails are here to stay, and they are spreading. That's the bottom line from scientists and conservationists who monitor these tiny invasive organisms. First observed on Idaho's Snake River in 1987, the mud snails are now established in many of the West's best trout rivers--including

The Trout Bum Diaries

Every now and then a movie comes along that captures the imagination of a generation: Easy Rider, Top Gun, and Pulp Fiction, among other greats. Now add to that list Angling Exploration Group's debut film The Trout Bum Diaries, Volume I: Patagonia. A contemporary take on the fishing film by guys in their

Ted Williams' Conservation Blog

As if FR&R conservation editor Ted Williams didn't have enough outlets through which to speak his mind, we've recently given him another--a Web log. The Ted Williams Conservation Connection ( ) went live in January, and it's the place to go for conservation news and a heavy

FR&R Readers' Choice Award

FR&R Readers' Choice Award Do you have a pair of waders that kept you high and unfailingly dry even after a hard year of busting brush and crawling along streambanks on your knees? What about that amazing reel that refused to melt during a speed-of-sound run by an 180-pound tarpon? Maybe a rod that left

Cast from the Past

Meadow streams aren't impossible, but they do present a challenge that should not be taken lightly, but accepted with the knowledge that within such tranquil habitats may lie frustrations. These frustrations will be your undoing if you get caught up in the drowsy mood such settings inspire. --John D.

André Puyans Memorial Fund

Fly-fishing lost one of its greatest teachers and advocates with the passing of André Puyans in October, 2005 [see Short Casts January/February 2006]. To commemorate André's life and work, his friend Rene Harrop has organized an effort to raise money for a memorial in honor of André