Cast from the Past

Simply put, the best way to catch smallmouth in rivers is to cover as much water as possible, so wade or float downstream, giving each likely spot a few casts. Tom Rosenbauer April 1987

Damning Patagonia

In the remote Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia a multinational energy company is pursuing plans to build six dams on two rivers that would irreparably damage the natural beauty, and untapped fishing potential, of the region. Endesa, the company behind the development, seeks to build four dams on the

The 2008 Traver Award

Do you have a fly-fishing essay or short story that has been burning a hole in your desk drawer or hard drive? Well here is your chance to get it read by professionals and possibly published in FR&R. The deadline for the 2007 Robert Traver Fly-fishing Writing Award is fast approaching, and we are anticipating

Scott's Bamboo Rods

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Scott's new SC rod series reflects the steady, if not growing, interest in the art and craft of cane rods. Scott has teamed with Bernard Ramanauskas, who at a relatively young age has already become an established name in the cane rod community. Ramanauskas and Scott are making a series of three two-piece

Out of the Ashes: Giant Rainbows

On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted with the force of 350 megatons of dynamite. The blast denuded 230 square miles of forest and sent 1.4 billion cubic yards of ash 15 miles into the sky. To say that the eruption was cataclysmic would be an understatement. Right in the path of the ash cloud and

Hardy Old School Prints

This is one of the coolest things to come across our desk in a while. Hardy went deep into its archives to create a limited-edition set of prints that reproduce covers from the English tackle company's catalogs from 1894 to 1956. The images hearken back to the days of tweed, cane rods and gut tippets

Fly Rod & Reel Presents: Fly Fishing Film Tour

Looking for something a little different to do this winter? Tired of watching the same old fly-fishing videos featuring the same old fly-fishing "personalities?" Do you crave triple-X, hard-core fish porn? That's what we thought, and The Fly-Fishing Film Tour is what you need. FR&R has teamed up with

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Help the Roscoe Library

The public library in Trout Town USA, aka Roscoe, New York, suffered extensive damage in the floods that hit the Delaware River Valley last June. Not only was the building that houses the Roscoe Free Library wrecked in the flooding, but the small library's book collection was all but destroyed as well.