Andrea Larko’s Whimsy

  • By: Bob White

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I LOOK AT A LOT OF ARTWORK. USUALLY I’m trying to learn something from it, the process by which it was produced, or something about the person who created it. Other times I’m simply curious. Very rarely does artwork make me laugh.

Low and Slow for Winter Trout

  • By: Kelly Galloup

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During winter’s low-light period, fish need to conserve energy or at least use their energy in an efficient and sparing way. In doing so, winter fish often move deeper or at least lower in the water column, much like a trout would during summer to avoid high water temperatures near the surface.


  • By: Dave Sherwood

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Bristol Bay River Academy
An Alaskan fishing academy could be a model for all angling communities.

an angle on art

  • By: Bob White

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Jeff Kennedy
Skills in many media

Rio Marié

  • By: Dave Sherwood

Four hundred miles of fly-fishing-only water for peacock bass.