South Fork

  • By: Maximilian Werner
  • Photography by: Maximilian Werner
South Fork Moose

The last time Greg and I fished together was in 2008 on the Fremont River (see “On the Lower Fremont: Part II”), and I had been trying to get him to come back ever since. Despite a handful of conversations to that effect, 2009 came and went. Then 2010 rolled around and the ritual of half-promises and unfinished phone calls started all over again. Understandably, Greg was noncommittal: He was up to his elbows in teaching obligations, and as a recent divorcee, he was busy reorienting himself to the new world and juggling love interests. But when the infernal hand of July came knocking, he did what a lot of Arizonans do: He looked for a way out.

The Lunkers of Secret Creek

  • By: Maximilian Werner

"I knew I wasn’t the only angler to have overlooked this beautiful water when I couldn’t find a trail along the creek..."

Otters, Wolves and the Human Problem

  • By: Maximilian Werner
april utah.jpg

The river was frozen at its edges and globs of slush floated by in the fast, black water. On the far side, in the slow water, the heads of two muskrats emerged for a couple of seconds and then disappeared.

Hell or High Water

  • By: Maximilian Werner
billy peterson brown[1].jpg

Anyone who understands the importance of water here in the West knows that the more we get, the better. But this general truth is easy to overlook: For many anglers, all that water typically means delaying spring fishing or at least seriously undermining one’s ability to catch trout.


  • By: Maximilian Werner

The 2008 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award 2nd Place Story: "Last summer I invited death to go fishing on the Weber River. On the way there we listened to Morning Edition on NPR. The stories were sadly familiar: A suicide bomber killed himself and 40 other men, women and children in a market in Baghdad; two American soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb that had been stuffed into the chest of a dead dog; the body of a missing college girl was found inside her car in a river near her home town."