Flies & Tying

Guide Flies

March 13, 2017

Whether you’re chasing trout or steelhead this winter, these proven patterns, straight off the vises of some of America’s best tiers, should serve well. … Read More

False Albacore

Tackle Guide 2016: False Albacore & Bonito

January 4, 2016

If you’re new to chasing these small tuna, to saltwater fishing in general or to a specific location, consider hiring a guide for your first trip. Use his/her equipment and ask plenty of questions. Most willingly talk about favorite tackle and gear, and provide excellent advice on gearing up. … Read More

Bass Tackle Guide 2016

Tackle Guide 2016: Bass

January 4, 2016

Black and brown bass go by a lot of names, including largemouth, Kentucky spotted, and smallmouth, but they share something in common: They are plentiful, they grow to 20-plus pounds, and most fly fishers don’t even target them. … Read More