Summer in Seattle

Summer in Seattle
Photographed by Dave McCoy
Summer in Seattle, Washington, brings a buzz among local fly fishers, especially in late July, August and September, when coho and pink salmon (in odd-number years) arrive en masse. These fish can be found throughout Puget Sound, and they readily take baitfish imitations. Many anglers hit the beaches to throw Clousers. Some use more traditional center-console boats or smaller johnboats to find and follow fish. But for some those approaches are a little tame. For them the evening flood tide in Elliot Bay beckons the launch of their standup paddleboards (locals call it the SUP hatch). While keeping balance (yes, great whites are sometimes present in the bay), these anglers cast their flies under the brilliant Seattle skyline, dodging ferry and barge traffic while hoping for one good take before dark.

Specs: Canon 5D Mark III; 70-300 zoom lens; focal length 300mm; f8 @ 1/320

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