Providence Atoll

One of the most incredible acts of fishing I have ever seen.

Man holding barracuda

Photographer: Jim Klug

Subject: Barracuda are one of the most bad-ass fish on the planet, and they love to eat flies. Whenever I hear someone disparaging the ’cuda—especially big ’cudas—I immediately think, Here’s someone who doesn’t get it.

To catch this particular fish, we visited the distant backside of Providence Atoll, in the Seychelles, which is a group of 115 islands located off the African coast in the Indian Ocean. Guide and avid angler Tim Babich was wading for giant trevally when he spotted this massive barracuda just off the edge of a flat. He made one cast, and the fish smashed his trevally fly. The ’cuda headed for deep water fast and almost immediately wrapped Babich’s line around a small coral outcrop resting in the center of a deeper lagoon. Babich ignored all possibilities—meaning sharks and a strong current—and swam to the coral head, where he dove down, untangled his line, and then fought and landed the fish. This was one of the most incredible acts of fishing I have ever seen. Think about it: a six-foot-long barracuda caught while wading, and then landed after a difficult swim. Amazing.

Specs: Nikon D5 body; 24-70mm 2.8 Nikor lens; circular polarizer; manual setting
shot at 1/80.

Book it: If you want shots at giant barracuda and all the other desirable species found in the Seychelles, contact Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures, 888-777-5060.

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