• Photography by: John Sherman

Photographer: John Sherman

Subject: In this image taken on the ocean side of the Florida Keys, Mike Hendry gets the classic shot at a string of at least 25 migratory tarpon, on the first day of a six-day trip in May. But you know how tarpon can be; none of these fish ate. Later that day, however, the group jumped four tarpon and landed one. And then the wind started to blow. Sherman says it blew constantly, at 30 to 50 miles an hour, for five straight days and hampered Captain Michael Pollack’s best efforts to put him and Hendry on more fish. They couldn’t pole in the wind, so they staked out and waited for tarpon to pass, but shots were few and far between. Sherman remains optimistic, sounding like so many who have made the pilgrimage before him: “This was my first trip to the Keys,” he says, “and I’ll be back for revenge soon.”

Specs: Canon EOS 20D body; 17-55mm Canon lens; f/6.3 at 1/200; ISO 100

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