SUMMER BONUS: Crossover Flies

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Flies that cross-over from fresh to salt and back again. The flies shown here are all available from L. L. Bean (photos courtesy of the company,

Black Ghost

Hook: Streamer or stainless for salt

Thread: Black

Tail: Yellow hackle barbs

Body: Black floss

Rib: Silver tinsel

Throat: Yellow hackle barbs

Wing: Four white hackles matched



Mickey Finn

Hook: Streamer or stainless for salt

Thread: Black

Body: Silver tinsel

Rib: Oval tinsel

Wing: Yellow, red and yellow bucktail




Clouser Deep Minnow

Hook: Saltwater stainless

Thread: White

Weight: Lead eyes

Body: White bucktail with pearl Krystal Flash

Wing: Chartreuse bucktail with Krystal Flash and Flashabou


Epoxy Shiner

Hook: Saltwater stainless

Thread: Mono or white

Underbody: Pearl Body Braid

Tail: Green over white Fly Fur

Lateral Line: Strands of silver Flashabou and black Krystal Flash

Eyes: Silver press-on

Gills: Slash of red marker

Body: Coating of 5-minute epoxy



Crazy Charlie

Hook: Saltwater stainless

Thread: Pink

Eyes: Bead-chain

Tail: Strands of pearl Flashabou

Body: Wraps of pink Krystal Flash, with optional over-wrap of clear Swannundaze

Wing: Hot pink bucktail