Employees Purchase Dr. Slick

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers has been transitioned from founder Dr. Kenneth A. High to a group of his employees headed by general manager Steve Fournier. The sale is effective immediately and includes the firm’s headquarters and production building, all products, logos and intellectual property. High, who founded the fly-fishing and fly-tying tool company in 1989, will serve as a product design consultant. Day-to-day operations will continue much as they have for the past 15 years under Fournier’s direction and supervision.

The sale follows High’s retirement from his urological medical practice. Terms and conditions of the sale were not made public. According to Fournier, Dr. Slick produces some 300+ fishing- and fly tying-related products including various models and sizes of scissors, pliers, clamps (hemostats), retractors, nippers, hook files, necklaces, fly floatant, hair stackers, titanium and ceramic fly-tying bobbins, hackle pliers, tweezers, whip finishers and dubbing tools, as well as a growing OEM and custom manufacturing division.

In coming to a mutual agreement on the sale to Fournier and other employees, High noted, “I cannot see any other outfit that would uphold the Dr. Slick tradition of quality and innovation other than the current staff and employees . . . I had the idea, but he built the company and should continue with it.”