Mexico’s Ascension Bay

This may be the toughest pack of bonefish on the planet.

Bonefish on Mexico’s Ascension Bay.
Photographer: Jim Klug
Yes, you’re right: Those are bonefish. But before you start tallying how many bones you might catch from this bunch, realize that this is the home pack at Casa Blanca Lodge, on the southern end of Mexico’s Ascension Bay. Don’t think that lodge guests who’ve preceded you haven’t noticed these dudes. These fish have seen it all and willingly snub their pointed snouts at anything but the best presentations and most-convincing flies. If you’re lucky or just plain good enough to hook one of these bones, things will get interesting. You may come tight, but you’re on your own when it comes to those anchor lines, boats, dock pilings and mangrove poles!

Fortunately Casa Blanca offers other nearby flats with less-wary bones. In addition you can target tarpon and permit while fishing out of the lodge.

To get this shot I used a drone that I’ve traveled with for the past couple of years. I hate these machines more than I detest roller blades and snowboards, but it’s hard to deny that they add a whole new dimension to shooting a “complete image package.”

SPECS: Phantom 4 Drone; small crappy lens that comes with the drone.

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