Fly Rod and Reel Winter 2014


Personal History


FROM THE RUGGED FREESTONES THAT SPLASH down Quebec's Chic-Choc Mountains, to the wild brawling torrents of the Russian tundra, most salmon streams have a quality that defies you not to fall just a little in love with them.

  • By: Matt Harris

An Angle on Art


I’M FASCINATED BY SCULPTURE, particularly when it’s constructed in a medium in which I have little working experience. So it’s no wonder that I’m intrigued by the whimsical and expressive fish studies of sculptor Joel Nelson.

  • By: Bob White



All Fishermen Are Liars
By John Gierach
2014; Simon and Schuster;
284 pages; hardcover; $24

  • By: Seth Norman

Calling All Fly Tiers


Think you’re a great fly designer? Want the opportunity to see your flies sold in fly shops all over the country?
Spirit River (in conjunction with Fly Rod & Reel) is putting out a casting call to ambitious tiers. This is your chance to become the next Spirit River Contract Tier.

New Media


2013; Confluence Films;
86 min.; $29.95

The crew at Confluence Films doesn’t necessarily have all the money or time in the world, but they do get to ask the question we’d all like to ask: Where would we fish if we could fish anywhere, any time?

  • By: Will Rice



The Paiute cutthroat has a future thanks to dedicated, tireless fisheries biologists.

  • By: Ted Williams

Practical and Useful


Preparing for the vast majority of hatches you’ll encounter on trout streams is remarkably simple.

  • By: Dave Hughes

Upfront Notes

Greg Editor Fmt

What gets to me more than anything is life getting in the way of fishing.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Sporting Life


Marginal conditions can bring their own reward.
A FRIEND CALLED FROM TEXAS. HE WAS standing at the crest of a hill where he’d walked with his second cup of morning coffee to get a cell signal. He’d driven down there from his place in western Colorado to deliver some

  • By: John Gierach