Calling All Fly Tiers

Calling All Fly Tiers


Think you’re a great fly designer? Want the opportunity to see your flies sold in fly shops all over the country?
Spirit River (in conjunction with Fly Rod & Reel) is putting out a casting call to ambitious tiers. This is your chance to become the next Spirit River Contract Tier.
Said Spirit River’s Bill Black, “We’re always looking for good new patterns, and this would be a feather in the cap of any tier/angler, with their name in industry catalogs and recognition for their work. There are bragging rights, and it’s also fun. Once this door is open, it is likely the winning tiers will add more patterns to our catalog.”
Black continued, “We’re not merely looking for the best tiers, however. We all work together to produce, import and sell these patterns. It’s very important that our contract tiers help in marketing and promoting their flies. Historically, flies that do well have strong support from their inventors. The best results are from word of mouth, and tiers who promote themselves and their flies, and get them carried in their own local fly shops.
“We’re also trying to place special emphasis on our UV2 line of tying materials. So all flies submitted as part of this effort to find the next Spirit River Contract Tier will need to include UV2.”
Winning patterns will be named in five categories (Freshwater; Saltwater; Flats; Warmwater; Stillwater), with the tier of each winning pattern seeing their fly put into production, and awarded a royalty contract for 8% of the wholesale price of the fly. They will be announced in Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, and on Runners-up in each category will receive $100 in Spirit River tying materials. Patterns will be judged on the following criteria:
• Overall originality, and creative use of UV2 materials
• Perceived effectiveness of the pattern. Judges will look for patterns that strongly suggest that they will attract fish
• The salability of the pattern (also known as “bin appeal”)
• The viability of producing the pattern at a commercial level. Professional production tiers must be able to product the fly economically

Submission Rules:
1 Amateur tiers only, please. Submissions from current contract tiers, whether with Spirit River or other fly wholesalers, will not be accepted.
2 Submissions from employees of Spirit River or Down East Enterprise, Inc., and from regular freelance contributors to Fly Rod & Reel, will not be accepted.
3 All patterns must contain UV2 materials.
4 Judges will be Spirit River staff, sales representatives and other consultants, who reserve the sole right to determine a contestant’s eligibility and the Contest’s winners. When considering a pattern, the judges will not know the identity of the tier.
5 Tiers of winning patterns must be willing to promote their pattern by, for example, writing for the Spirit River catalog, Web site and blog. This will include tier biography, photos, fishing stories and relevant fishing techniques.
6 Submit all flies (along with complete recipe and tying instructions) direct to Spirit River, at The Next Contract Tier, Spirit River Inc., 17547 N. Umpqua Highway, Roseburg, OR 97470.
7 All submitted flies become the property of Spirit River; submissions will not be returned.
8 Contest or submissions are void where restricted by law or when, in the sole opinion of the Judges, they create an undue administrative or financial burden.
9 ALL AWARDS SUBJECT TO A ROYALTY CONTRACT TO BE NEGOTIATED BETWEEN WINNER AND SPIRIT RIVER. Failure to reach agreement will make a submission ineligible.

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