Fly Rod and Reel Autumn 2013


Upfront Notes

Greg Editor Fmt

I’ve been shooting a compound bow lately and getting in shape for hunting season, also sorting and readying a backpack so I can leave at a moment’s notice and head into the mountains for elk.

  • By: Greg Thomas



Photographer: Darcy Bacha, Rhododendron, Oregon

  • Photography by: Darcy Bacha

Short Casts

img_9415_fmt.pngIntruders for Steel Tying creativity for its own sake. jThe first time I fly-fished FOR STEELHEAD WAS on a warm February day on a small stream just outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Although I was happy just to have a cast turn over and to shoot some line, my fishing buddy landed two hot, chrome, wild winter fish.
  • By: Adrienne Comeau

Angle on Art


His landscapes, particularly those with reflected light, create in me the sensation of remembering a dream from which I’ve just awoken. Only the visceral, most essential elements remain, and the extraneous details, which often clutter and confuse, retreat with the dawn. What remains is an impression of the dream, and a record of the memory.

  • By: Bob White
  • Illustrations by: Rick Harrington

Personal History


True to Type

Should you judge a fly caster by his cover?

  • By: Seth Norman




An Angler’s Tales and Travels

By Kevin Searock

2011; Terrace Books (University of Wisconsin);

182 pages; hardcover; $24.95

  • By: Seth Norman

Health & Safety


Drinking water and hydration supplements means you’ll spend more time casting.

  • By: Michael Gracie

New Media

geofish_fmt.pngp>Geofish Mexico Vol. 1

2013; Motiv Fishing

Running time: 1:42:00; $19.99

  • By: Will Rice

Traveling Angler


Losing a passport in Latin America’s murder capital.

  • By: Will Rice

Spirits Rise


j It comes as no surprise

  • By: Tom Keer
  • Photography by: Emily Lilienthal



Designer Fish

Manmade fish are all the rage.

What does their popularity say about us?

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Louis Cahill

Practical and Useful


I learned to cast left-handed, but not because I injured my right shoulder, suffering with it for three years until rotator-cuff surgery finally freed me to cast right-handed again. No, that injury came many years later.

  • By: Dave Hughes
  • Photography by: David Hughes




Is he the greatest guide in the world?

By Kirk Deeter

  • By: Kirk Deeter
  • Photography by: Tim Romano

Muck it up, Gear Hounds


19 Killer products that came across our bows this year

photograph by adam tavender

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
  • Photography by: Fly Rod and Reel



and a sun that never sets.

Two men, one boat, no schedule,

Way Out

in the Yukon

by Greg Thomas

photographs by the author

  • By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas

2013 Robert Traver Fly-Fishin Writing Award


Rich Chiappone is the author of Opening Days: A Fly Fisherman Writes, published by Barclay Creek Press.

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
  • Photography by: Becca Schlaff