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Tying a Fair Damsel

  • By: Brian Chan
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Tying a Fair Damsel

Trout can get selective when feeding on mature damsel nymphs that are making their emergence swims. Realistic patterns that match the coloration of the real insect can make a difference between hooking the occasional fish or having a banner day. However, during the fall feeding time your imitations can be more suggestive as long as the size is close to the real thing. There are many damselfly nymph patterns out there, some of them extremely realistic, and there is no question these catch fish. Tying baby or juvenile damselfly nymphs can be as simple as using strung marabou fibers, as this feather breathes and pulses when moved through the water. Here is the recipe for my Baby Damselfly Nymph.


Hook: Mustad C49S, #12 to #16

Thread: 8/0 olive

Tail: olive strung marabou fibers (6 to 8 fibers); tail should be 1 ½ times length of hook shank

Rib: fine gold wire

Body: olive strung marabou fibers (tie marabou tips to form tail, spin remaining fibers to create body and then wrap forward onto hook)

Bead: 7/64th gold bead

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