Fly Rod and Reel Summer 2013




Photographer: John Sherman

  • Photography by: John Sherman

Guide Flies

damsel fly and babys _fmt.jpg

Tying a Fair Damsel

  • By: Brian Chan

An Angle On Art


Becca Schlaff’s Tributes to the Colors of Fish


  • By: Bob White
  • Illustrations by: Becca Schlaff




by Seth Norman

Where Trout Sing

and other San Francisco Stories

By Art Dollosso

2012; Sonoma Small Press

available at

178 pages; hardcover; $25

  • By: Seth Norman



Greta Gaines

Singer-songwriter, snowboarder, actress
. . . and always an angler.


Pinning down musician Greta Gaines, whose new album—Lighthouse & the Love Impossible—came out in May, is no easy task.

  • By: Stephen Camelio

Short Casts


The cinnamon sow flipped rocks with a laconic, long-clawed paw, moving slowly through her options like a teenage boy vaguely disappointed with the contents of the refrigerator. Her year-old cub wandered in her path, picking up leftovers.

  • By: Nadia White



conservation /// ted williams

Whatever are we to make of the “National Ocean Policy” process hatched by President Obama three years ago and finalized April 16, 2013?

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: David Skok

Practical and Useful


Bashful About Bright

How to catch bigger trout on sunny days.

Photographs by the author

practical&useful /// Dave Hughes

Best Flyfishing Jobs 2013


I once asked photographer and angling adventurer extraordinaire Brian O’Keefe what advice he would offer young people who were interested in working in the fly-fishing industry. “Don’t be the guide,” he advised.

  • By: Chris Santella
  • Photography by: Brian Grossenbacher

Trails To Glory

soda butte -yellowston_fmt.jpg

Northeast Yellowstone


By Jeff Erickson

  • By: Jeff Erickson

Trails To Glory


Owens Gorge

Northern California

by Greg Vinci


  • By: Greg Vinci

Trails To Glory


Gore Canyon


by Michael Salomone

  • By: Michael Salomone

Trails To Glory


Washington is home to the magnificent Pacific steelhead and five species of salmon that have brought anglers to the Evergreen State for more than 100 years. All the famous anglers, from Roderick Haig-Brown to Steve Raymond to Enos Bradner, et al., have thrown lines here trying to raise those massive steelhead and salmon to flies.

  • By: Dave McCoy

Trails To Glory


Seven hundred lakes beckon anglers from the Washington Cascades Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Some of the best, like UpperWildcat Lake, can be accessed off of I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass, which is located just an hour east of Seattle.

  • By:
  • Photography by: Brian O'Keefe

Angler's Journal


All in a day’s work on Oregon’s Deschutes.


by Greg Thomas

photographs by the author


  • By: Greg Thomas


Kenai with Kids

Don’t leave your pals behind.
Alaska is a grand playground,
especially when you share
your fishing with kids.

  • By: Greg Thomas
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas

Upfront Notes

Greg Editor Fmt

upfront notes /// greg thomas

I remember the first hint of disaster being just a little itch, like a fruit fly had landed on an arm hair and needed to be brushed aside. But this itch happened on my thigh, which was hanging unprotected, in the water, under a float tube.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Short Casts


New Bear Safety And Conflict Tactics.

Treadwell didn’t listen. You should.

by Tom Smith


  • By:
  • and Tom Montgomery

Field Test


Back in the day, things were simpler.

  • By: Ted Leeson

Haters Gonna Hate


Bluefish invade the Northeast each spring without fanfare. They’re not tracked on message boards or rumor-milled in fly shops, like stripers. Bass freaks arrange their lives around the migration, but few people budget vacation time, rise at 4:00 AM and drive three hours just to check their favorite spots for bluefish.

  • By: Tosh Brown

New Gear


G. Loomis Lite Presentation rods

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Sporting Life


sporting life

Ice Out Bozeman

A gathering of fishing guides livin’ the dream.

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White