Flash Fly

Flash Fly

  • By: A. K. Best
Flash Fly
  1. Attach the white thread and tie in a small clump of pearlescent Krystal Flash. Lash the clump to the end of the hook shank and bring the thread forward to the starting point. Taper the tailing tips. Tie in the pearlescent Body Braid above the thread starting point, and lash it to the top of the hook, to the start of the hook bend. Bring the thread forward and wind the Body Braid forward to create a slight taper to the rear of the body. Tie down and trim off the excess. This will be the beginning of the base of the tapered head.
  2. Switch to fluorescent-red thread and tie in a clump of pearlescent Krystal Flash immediately in front of the body. Trim the length of the wing material to extend beyond the end of the tail by half a hook gap length. Tie in a smaller clump of red Krystal Flash on top of the pearlescent material. Snip a slight taper in the ends of the wing materials.
  3. For the collar, select a small clump of light-blue Krystal Flash, clip to even the tips and tie the first clump to the bottom of the fly. Allow the individual fibers to spread around the hook slightly.

Continue tying in small clumps until a complete collar has been attained. Create a tapered thread head and apply several coats of lacquer for a glassy head.


  • Hook: Mustad Salmon 36890, size 4
  • Thread: Danville 6/0 #1 white for the body; Danville 6/0 #505 fluorescent red for the head
  • Tail: Pearlescent Krystal Flash
  • Body: Pearlescent Body Braid
  • Wing: Under layer of pearlescent Krystal Flash; top layer of red Krystal Flash
  • Collar: Light-blue Krystal Flash