WEB BONUS: Baja Flies

WEB BONUS: Baja Flies

Fly patterns from "500 Grains of Baja Adventure" in July/Oct 2008

  • By: Scott Sadil
From the top  Tuna Tux  Amigo  JPs Sardina and Crease Fly

In his feature

"500 Grains of Baja Adventure" in the July/October issue of FR&R, author Scott Sadil praises fishing off La Paz, Mexico, using heavy 500-grain sinking lines from kayaks for a variety of saltwater species, including skipjack tuna. Here are some of the fly patterns picked by Baja guide and fun guy Gary Bulla:

For information on fly-fishing Baja, Mexico by kayak, go to: www.garybulla.com


Created by Gary Bulla
Hook: Owner Aki, Billy Pate, Varivas 2-4/0
Thread: Black 3/0
Lateral line: Black or gray ultra hair (optional two strands of blue Krystal Flash)
Wing: Black Ocean Hair or other synthetic hair
Belly: White Ultra Hair, Ocean Hair, or bucktail
Eyes: Spirit River red or pearl with black pupils
Weight (optional): Black tungsten cone head
Rib: Two strands yellow Krystal Flash
Throat (optional): Three red marabou tips or strands of red Krystal Flash

Tying Instructions: Slip cone head over hook to eye. Place hook in vise. Tie in ribbing at bend of hook. Wind thread from bend to eye, building a small hump behind cone head. Wind ribbing forward and tie off. Tie on top of hook Ultra Hair lateral line so it extends 1 times hook length and lies in line with hook shank. Tie in black hair on top of hook at middle and add another clump directly behind cone head or future built up thread head. Turn over hook and add a small amount of white belly material that extends just beyond the bend. Turn over fly again and add white material that does not go past bend in hook. Add red throat if desired. Build thread head if no cone used. Glue on eyes with small amount of Goop and set aside. Double coat head and eyes with epoxy.


By Guy Wright
Hook: Size 1, 4x long salt water
Thread: Olive Monocord
Eyes: Dumbbell, 1/24 oz.
Lateral Stripe: 1 peacock herl each side
Body: Crystal Hair, pearl mid section; Super Hair, olive over white
Fins: Crystal Hair and Super hair extended inch tight behind eyes*
Gill Plate: Red marabou
Nose: Krazy Glue or 5 Minute Epoxy
*Note: For the gill-plate fins, extend mid-body Crystal Hair inch and tie in tight behind eyes. Do the same with the white Super Hair underbelly. Tie in the marabou gills tight behind eyes. Finish the fly by tying the olive Super Hair on top in front of the eyes. Glaze lightly with super glue and/or epoxy.


By Jeff Priest
(in collaboration with Gary Bulla)
Hook: Varivas 990S size 1/0-3/0, or any forged short-shank big-game hook
Thread: 3/0 monocord
Body: White bucktail or synthetic hair
Flash: Angel hair, pearl gold or pearl green
Back: Tan, light olive, olive, white or black bucktail or synthetic hair
Lateral Lines (optional): Blue Flashabou
Eyes: Pearl 3D eyes to match size of baitfish

Tying Instructions: Wrap thread from the eye of hook of the way down the shank. Take a small amount of white bucktail and mix in pearl gold angel hair and tie to the shank near the bend. (Coat the thread at the tie-in point with head cement after each step.) Rotate the fly upside down and tie in another section of white bucktail mixed with pearl gold angel hair. Again rotate the fly and tie in the bucktail/angel mix, adding this section just in front of the other. For the back of the fly, tie in a small amount of darker bucktail or colored synthetic hair about the length of the fly. Turn the fly upside down again and tie in one last small section of the body mix. For lateral lines, add two strands of Flashabou along the length of each side of the fly. Add eyes and color the top portion of the nose with a marker to match back of fly. Coat nose and eyes with clear epoxy, UV Knot Sense, or similar product.


Originated by Capt. Joe Blados
Hook: Salt water, various sizes
Tail: Bucktail or synthetic material with Flashabou
Body: Foam folded over the hook shank and secured with CA glue.
Eyes: Stick-on prismatic
Finish: Color with markers to match baitfish; color the mouth red. You can coat the finished body with epoxy, if you so choose.