Our readers write.

How About More Steelhead?
Great articles on winter steelhead in the March 2008 issue. "Chasing Ghosts" defines the current situation on the West Coast, I'm afraid. Somehow makes the search more addictive. More chromer stuff, please.
Ed Filice
Templeton, California

Canoe Anchors
I have fished from a canoe on lakes and rivers and have found the best anchor to be a piece of 5/16-inch chain between 3 to 4 feet long that I tie to one end of a 1/4-inch line. I now can vary the amount of drag by the amount of chain I let out. When I use it on a river like the Delaware, I tie it off to the stern and can easily drift as slow or as fast as I want, and the chain slips through underwater obstacles so it does not get hung up. This setup works in all but the windiest conditions on lakes or on rivers when the current is too fast to fish.
Steven Casella
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Worm Balls
I really appreciated the humor in the last steps of Dan Fink's tying article ["Tying the San Juan Worm Ball," March]. It brought a little levity to an aspect of the sport where people often take themselves a little too seriously. I have a suggestion to help prevent the fly vise flame-up: just flame the ends of the chenille before you attach them to the hook. One could flame enough chenille pieces for several worm balls, thus saving a little time and reducing the fire hazard.
Mike Ferwerda
Bozeman, Montana

Lives of Fly Rods
In a world of totally repetitious fly-fishing magazine articles, what a delight to read Donald J. Goodman's essay "Lives of Fly Rods" (November/December 2007). Imagine, an article not obsessed with "putting up the numbers." I'll bet Mr. Goodman is a wonderful human being and would make a quiet, contemplative fishing partner. Not many of those around, it seems.
Charles Norton
Los Barriles, Mexico