July 2006

July 2006

Catch and Fillet

Eat a lake trout and save a cutthroat

  • By: Wayne Phillips

Trico Tricks

Seven tips to beat summer's hottest hatch

  • By: Chad Mason

The Devils River

A smallmouth adventure in the West Texas desert

  • By: Phil Shook

The Best Trout Stream in the World

Picture yourself in a boat on a river... where the trout are the biggest you've seen

  • By: John Gierach

Alaskan Hatches

It's no joke: You can catch Alaskan rainbows on dry flies

  • By: Will Rice

SA's Customizable Sinking-Head Line

Plus, Scott's G2 rod; Simms' waterproof shirt; and a do-it-all vest jacket

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Bluefin Summer

Will we live to see another tuna invasion like this?

  • By: Ted Williams

Cutthroats in Paradise

Floating the Middle Fork of Idaho's Salmon River

  • By: Ed Carroll

The Food Chain

My catch-and-release habit has been so reflexive for so many decades that it is difficult for me to accurately remember the battle of emotions I underwent to reach this point. But as near as I can recall, just prior to my C&R conversion the devil on my left shoulder was arguing strenuously against the

American Sportsman Curt Gowdy Dies

Legendary broadcaster Curt Gowdy passed away on February 20 at the age of 86. Known to a generation of baseball fans as the "voice of the Red Sox," Gowdy spent 15 years delivering the play-by-play for Boston. But Gowdy is perhaps best known for the 20 years he spent as the host of ABC's The American

Saving the Rainbows of San Diego County

In October 2003 a hunter lost in Southern California's Cleveland National Forest built a signal fire that grew out of control and sparked one of the largest wildfires in the nation's history. The Cedar Fire burned for five days, scorched 273,000 acres and destroyed 2,200 homes. Among the habitat and

Fly-fishing Podcasts

It's Tuesday; you're in the office staring at a spreadsheet. The weekend (and fishing) is too far away even to contemplate. You'd like to surf the Web for some fish porn but the boss is on your case, and images of fish and flies would certainly draw his attention. Solution: Download a fly-fishing podcast,

Cast from the Past

"I saw myself through the eyes of these Nepalese fishermen who were out to catch their dinner. How unbelievable must be the first sight of an American fly-fisherman in his hat, vest and waders, always waving back and forth a rod that animates and directs a fluorescent line. From the land of Rambo comes

Fly-Fishing Loses An Innovator

We were saddened to learn that Dan Paradis, the founder and president of Loon Outdoors, passed away on March 22. Born in Minnesota in 1943, Dan received a degree in chemistry from the University of Washington and worked in the aerospace industry before founding Loon Outdoors. Based in Boise, Idaho, Loon

Reminder: FR&R Readers' Choice Award

Let your voice be heard! Do you have a favorite piece of gear remarkable for its quality, performance or longevity? Well, let us know. We are currently taking nominations for the 2007 FR&R Readers' Choice Award. The award is open to any item or piece of gear used while fly-fishing--vises, scissors, rods,

Lyons' Papers Head to MSU Library

In the world of fly-fishing literature and publishing, Nick Lyons is a legend. His company, The Lyons Press, was responsible for publishing some of the most important books on the sport, including The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide and Jerusalem Creek by Ted Leeson, among many others. To honor and preserve

FR&R's Gratuitous Fish Porn File

Chad Evans, with a 31-inch brown trout he caught behind spawning king salmon in New York State This is a shot from our on-line gallery. To get the story and see more fish porn visit www.flyrodreel.com

Federation of Fly Fishers Lands Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus--legendary golfer and avid angler--has joined the Federation of Fly Fishers as its national spokesperson. Nicklaus (above, at left), who retired from the professional golf tour in 2005, is a passionate angler whose fishing adventures have taken him across much of the globe. "We are terribly

Time Bomb in the Earth

We're unleashing a killer in the heart of Yellowstone cutthroat country

  • By: Ted Williams

Nervous Water

Plus, Wooly Wisdom and a Fly-Fishing Cover Girl

  • By: Seth Norman

Tying the Callibaetis Quill Dun

A must-have pattern even on streams

  • By: A. K. Best

How Far Can Superman Cast?

Plus, what you can learn from wiggling a fly rod

  • By: Paul Guernsey
  • and Buzz Bryson