Thomas & Thomas Double-Handed Fly Rods

Thomas & Thomas Double-Handed Fly Rods

The growing popularity of two-handed fly rods.

  • By: Rick Kustich

It seems as though the popularity of two-handed fly rods has really surged in the past 10 years. Although traditionally considered the domain of salmon and steelhead devotees, more and more saltwater fly fishers and big-river trout anglers are casting two-handers these days. This increase in popularity stems from the spread of information on casting and handling techniques, as well as the availability of a wider range of rods on the market, especially in the lighter models that are at home on medium- to smaller-size waters.

Advances in lines for two-handed rods have also allowed for increased versatility. In my judgment, a good two-handed rod has to provide efficiency in its leverage while being a pleasure to cast.

The Thomas& Thomas double-handed series perfectly blends the ideas of leverage and joy of casting. When you first pick up a T&T double-handed rod you immediately feel the power built into its design. When you cast it, you feel the surprising sensitivity that allows for easy and efficient casting. This brilliant combination is what allows T&T double-handed rods to be so versatile. The sensitive tip provides a great feel and can effortlessly throw a floating line while dryfly fishing. However, the strong butt and mid section give the angler the ability to easily lift and Spey-cast sinking-tip lines. This power also creates the line speed essential to Spey-casting great distances.

The mixture of power and feel are important features for overhead casting and fishing in saltwater. Rounding out the advantage of T&T double-handed rods is the range of lengths and line weights available. The series starts with a light 10-foot 6-weight and concludes with a very powerful 16-foot 11-weight. There is even a uniquely designed 12-foot 12-weight that is specifically engineered for long distance overhead casting on the salt. As with all Thomas& Thomas fly rods, the double-handed series rods are easy on the eye. The renowned T&T craftsmanship can be found in each model; the reel seat holds the reel tight and secure and is finished in an arctic blue that compliments the elegance of the rod. Thomas&Thomas rod designer Tom Dorsey's objective was to build a double-handed rod with a progressive taper for today's contemporary casting techniquesæa rod that anglers will love to cast. He has accomplished this quite admirably. Thomas& Thomas has 16 models available starting at $675 for a 10-foot 6-weight to $850 for a 15-foot 10-weight.