July 2001

July 2001

Rio Grande King

Topics: Fishing the Rio Grande with novelist John Nichols Fish: Trout Location(s): "near Taos, New Mexico" Water(s): Rio Grande River

  • By: Taylor Streit

Postcard from Patagonia

Topics: Fishing for trout with the staff of Estancia el Chimehuin in Argentina Fish: Trout Location(s): "Neuquen Province, Argentina" Water(s): "Rio Caleufu, Chimehuin River"

  • By: James Butler

Indicator Strategies

Topics: Tips and strategies for using indicators

  • By: Jason Borger

Dancelou Squaretails

Topics: Fly fishing for brook trout on Quebec's Dancelou River Fish: Brook trout Location(s): "Quebec, Canada" Water(s): Dancelou River

  • By: Bob McNally

"A Trout Anthology - and Beetles, Too"

Topics: Using ant and beetle imitations to catch trout and how to tie a basic foam beetle Fish: Trout Insect(s): "ants, beetles" Flypattern(s): Basic Foam Beetle

  • By: Jim Dean

Keeping It Dry

Topics: "all about waterproof and weatherproof boat bags; waterproof: Cascade Designs' SealLine Zip Duffle, Orvis' Safe Passage Waterproof Kit Bag, Patagonia's Stormfront Pack, Stearns' AmphibiGear Super Duffle, Strong Industries' York Pack 80; weatherproof: Cabela's Boundary Waters II Duffle Bag, Dan

  • By: Ted Leeson


Topics: Observations and tips on permit fishing Fish: Permit Location(s): The Marquesas

A Marine Assault

Topics: "Patagonia Freightliner, Ross Reels Grand Canyon, The Creek Co. Peregrine, Sage RPLXi 5-Piece Rods, Valentine Planetary Plus Reel" Dealer/Manufacturer(s):

  • By: Buzz Bryson


Topics: Tarpon story Fish: Tarpon Location(s): "Key West, Florida"

  • By: Keith McCafferty

Coaster Brook Trout

Topics: Restoration attempts of coaster brook trout Fish: Coaster brook trout

  • By: Ted Williams

Story Time

Topics: "A Tomato Can Chronicle (Edmund Ware Smith, The Derrydale Press), Coyote Nowhere (John Holt, Thomas Dunne Books), Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies (Graydon R. Hilyard with Leslie K. Hilyard, Stackpole Books), The Bright Country (Harry Middleton, Pruett Publishing

  • By: Seth Norman


Topics: "simple recipes from the Northwest US of the TDC Nymph, the Nyerges Nymph, the Bentz Sunset, and the Carey Special" Flypattern(s): "TDC Nymph, Nyerges Nymph, Bentz Sunset, Carey Special"

  • By: Darrel Martin

The Unknown Angler

Topics: Summing up the author's fishing life

  • By: John Gierach