May 2000

May 2000

Cat on a Fly

Topics: The sheer beauty of catching a catfish Fish: Catfish

  • By: Dan Scheltema

Mobile Magic

Topics: "the combination of a Woolly Bugger, a wet-tip line and a creeping retrieve as well as the Stop&Drop and the Crossfield Draw " Flypattern(s): Woolly Bugger

  • By: Dave Hughes


Topics: Fishing Florida's Pine Island Sound Location(s): "Lacosta, FL (central west coast)" Water(s): Pine Island Sound

Adventures on Andros

Topics: Fly Rod&Reel's Readers'&Writers' Angling Adventure in the Bahamas Location(s): "Andros Island, Bahamas"

  • By: James Butler

A Banquet of Gear

Topics: "O.S.O Gear Landing Nets, Custom Nets, Orvis Safe Passage Waterproof Kit Bag, Siskiyou Design Fly Reels, Waterworks Litespeeds"

  • By: Paul McGurren

New Gear 2000

Topics: "the best new gear for the year 2000 including: Airflo Depth Finder, Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Concept 2M model 58, Cortland GhostTip, Compleat Angler DuraFlex Wader Patch, Dr. Slick T.C. Collection, Hareline Dubbin's Watershed, Flex-lite Vise-Lite, Chota STL Plus Boots, Ted Juracsik's

  • By: Ted Leeson

'Bonefishing' On Hebgen Lake

Topics: "West Yellowstone, MT fishing Hebgen Lake and other lakes in the area" Location(s): "West Yellowstone, MT" Water(s): Hebgen Lake Flypattern(s): Callibaetis

  • By: Paul Guernsey

D.L.'s No-Foul Rabbit Eel

Topics: "the eel fly and how to tie and use,," Flypattern(s): Eel fly

  • By: D. L. Goddard

Chalkstream Cameo

Topics: Photo essay on English spring creeks

  • By: Darrel Martin

Redwood Radicals

Topics: "Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) ,"

  • By: Ted Williams

Murder and More

Topics: "Cork on the Water (Macdonald Hastings, Greycliff), Land of Little Rivers: A Story In Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing (Austin McK. Francis, Beaverkill Press), Troubleshooting the Cast (Ed Jaworowski,Stackpole), The Technology of Fly Rods (Don Phillips, Amato),The Longest Silence: A Life in Fly

  • By: Seth Norman

Tying the Tracer

Topics: "how to tie the Tracer, a large light fly" Flypattern(s): Tracer

  • By: Darrel Martin


Topics: What's happened with carp in the last ten years Fish: Carp

  • By: John Gierach