March 2000

March 2000

The Open-Ended Question- Understanding U-shape Boats

Topics: "U-Shape Boats including The Bullet from Buck's Bags, Caddis Pro 1000, U-Boat from Creek Co., The Orvis Easy Entry Float Tube, PAC 66 Fat Cat from Outcast, Powerfloat, The Stearns B-Z Float Pontoon, Trout Traps Pro XV, Wood River's Gliderider"

  • By: Ted Leeson


Topics: Trout-fishing secret weapon that resembles a mouse that is called the V-Mouse Fish: Trout Flypattern(s): V-mouse

  • By: Robert Williams

Synthetics In the Salt

Topics: Synthetic tying materials for saltwater flies Water(s): Saltwater

  • By: Darrel Martin

Stream & Stillwater Tactics

Topics: "Fishing and rigging for ""benches"" and pausing with a popper"

  • By: Dave Hughes

Bluefin Tuna

Topics: Fly fishing for bluefin tuna off of Cape Cod Fish: Bluefin tuna Location(s): New England (near Cape Cod) Water(s): Atlantic Ocean

How Low Can You Go?

Topics: "in-depth look at sinking fly lines (full-sinking, sinking-tip or head lines, sinking heads and interchangable-tip or head lines) accompanied by chart"

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Cowichan River Days

Topics: The Cowichan River in Vancouver Island Location(s): "Vancouver Island, Canada" Water(s): Cowichan River

  • By: Ken Marsh

Crowd Pleaser

Topics: Fishing New York's West Branch Ausable River Fish: Trout Location(s): New York State Water(s): West Branch Ausable River

  • By: Will Ryan

Flattening Appalachia

Topics: Mountain top removal and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) and its effect on streams in the Appalachia area

  • By: Ted Williams

Casting from the Edge

Topics: "Cast from the Edge: Tales of an Uncommon Fly Fisher (Scott Sadil, Greycliff), ,Trout Country: Reflections on Rivers, Fly Fishing&Related Addictions (Bob Saile, Pruett Publishing Co.), Tying and Fishing the Riffling Hitch (Art Lee, Human Kinetics),Western Fly-Fishing Strategies (Craig Matthews,

  • By: Seth Norman

A Thread of an Idea

Topics: How to select a tying thread

  • By: Darrel Martin

Indifferent Ground

Topics: Fishing the prairie lakes of Wyoming Location(s): Wyoming

  • By: John Gierach