March 1999

March 1999

The Voice Of The Wilderness

Topics: Tennessee's Hiwassee River Fish: Trout Location(s): Tennessee Water(s): Hiwassee River

  • By: Jeff Cupp

That Damn Bitterroot

Topics: The ups and downs of fishing the Bitterroot River Fish: Trout Location(s): Montana Water(s): Bitterroot River Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Abel Supreme Fly Tying Vise, Gary's Flies Custom Leaders, Mulligan's Finest Furled Flourocarbon Leaders, Hodgman Wadelite Pro-Shop Wading Shoe"

  • By: Jeff Hull

Tackle Guide '99

Topics: "Large-Arbor Reels: Bauer Mackenzie Reel&Little Mac series, Islander LA Series, L.L. Bean series, G. Loomis GL 8-9-10&GL 11-12-13 in the Syncrotech series, Loop reels, Orvis Vortex reels, Sage 3000 reels, Ted Juracsik's Tibor, Van Staal reels, Waterworks ULA,Convertibles: Abel Super Series, Ayr

  • By: Ted Leeson

Approaches to Ponds

Topics: "how to fish ponds, especially when nothing's hatching"

  • By: Dave Hughes

Billfish on a Fly

Topics: The lure of catching sailfish and marlin Fish: "billfish, sailfish, marlin"

  • By: Jack Samson

Belizean Black Magic

Topics: Fly-fishing Belize Location(s): "Turneffe atoll, Belize, Central America"

  • By: James Butler

The Traveling Vise

Topics: "in-depth look at travel vises: Belazia Travel Vise, Blue Mountain Angler Micromax Travel Vise, Dyna-King's Voyager, Kennebec River HMH Spartan Nomad, Marryat MP Vise, Norlander Cam-Vise, Renzetti Traveler, Spirit River Travel Master"

  • By: Darrel Martin

A Rocky Mountain Idyll

Topics: The first Fly Rod&Reel Readers'&Writers' Angling Adventure at Henry's Fork Lodge Location(s): Idaho

Disappearing Fish

Topics: Running out of westlope cutthroat trout

  • By: Ted Williams

Dry Books

Topics: "Designing Flies (video series with Gary and Jason Borger, Tomorrow River Productions), Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes (Gary LaFontaine, Greycliff Publishing), The Dry Fly and Fast Water (G.M.L. La Branche, Greycliff Publishing), Fishing Dry Flies For Trout On Rivers and Streams (Art Lee, Human

  • By: Seth Norman

The Original Recipe

Topics: "tying according to the first directions in English written by Thomas Barker, instructions on how to tie Barker's Winged Palmer" Flypattern(s): Barker's Winged Palmer

  • By: Darrel Martin


Topics: Fishing bass and pike lakes in Nebraska Fish: Bass; pike State Sector: Nebraska

  • By: John Gierach