July 1997

July 1997

Idaho's Silver Creek

Topics: Idaho's Silver Creek Fish: Trout Location(s): Idaho Water(s): Silver Creek

  • By: Joe Evancho

The Original Spring Creek

Topics: Long Island's spring creeks Fish: Trout Location(s): "Long Island, New York" Water(s): "Nissequogue River, Connetquot&Carmans Rivers, Peconic River"

  • By: Nick Karas

An Interesting Mix

Topics: "Crazy Charlie's Line Cleaner, Mike Mahoney Trophy Portraits, Scott Alpha rods" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Golden Witch Rods, Wilderness Access Over The Boot Fin, Tom Morgan Rods"

  • By: Paul McGurren

Down in the Valley

Topics: Wisconsin's coulee spring creeks Fish: Trout Location(s): Wisconsin

  • By: Michael Furtman

Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley

Topics: Fishing the trout filled streams of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Fish: Trout Location(s): "Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania" Water(s): "the Monocacy, Little Lehigh, Cedar Creek, Bushkill, Saucony"

  • By: Harry Humes

Building Leaders

Topics: "how to build leaders (construction, knots, materials)"

  • By: Ted Leeson


Topics: Reading water to determine the most likely lies Fish: Trout

  • By: Dave Hughes

Flats Destinations

Topics: Saltwater fly fishing flats resorts Fish: "bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook"

  • By: Jack Samson

Matching the Water

Topics: The difference between realistic and impressionistic flies Flypattern(s): "Stonefly Nymph, Shellback Nymph, Montana Nymph, Yuk Bug, Black Leg, Fenwick Casual Dress"

  • By: Gary L. Fenwick

The Battle of the 3-Weights

Topics: "3-weight fly rods judgedby Ted Leeson, Jim Butler and Paul Guernsey (Composite Development Down Under G3, Cortland Brown Topaz, Diamondback Classic Trout, Fenwick CoFi 57 CF903, G. Loomis FR1083 GLX, Green River Enso Series, L.L. Bean SPT, Orvis Trident PM-10 843, Penn Gold Medal IMS 6379, Powell

The Alexander Springs Run

Topics: Fishing Alexander Springs Run in Florida Fish: "longear sunfish, largemouth bass, longnose gar and bowfin" Location(s): Florida Water(s): Alexander Springs Run

  • By: John Kumiski

Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

Topics: Montana's Paradise Valley spring creeks Fish: Trout Location(s): Montana's Paradise Valley Water(s): "Nelson's Spring Creek,Depuy's, Armstrong"

  • By: Jeff Hull

Bring Back The Natives

Topics: Bring Back the Natives program and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

  • By: Ted Williams

Seth Weighs In

Topics: "Trout and Salmon Flies of Wales (Moc Morgan, Merlin Unwin Books), Due North of Montana: A Guide to Flyfishing In Alberta (Chris Dawson, Johnson Books), Tailwater Trout In the South: An Angler's Guide (Jimmy Jacobs, Backcountry Publications), West of Key West (edited by John Cole and Hawk Pollard,

  • By: Seth Norman

A Supernatural Art

Topics: Realistic patterns: Bill Logan's Gallatin River Salmonfly Nymph&Bob Mead's Damselfly Flypattern(s): Bill Logan's Gallatin River Salmonfly Nymph&Bob Mead's Damselfly

  • By: Darrel Martin

The Hatch

Topics: Analyzing the hatch

  • By: John Gierach