November 1996

November 1996

Fly-Fishing the Information Super River

Topics: Fly-fishing websites

  • By: Scott Roederer

The T.P. Stickleback Streamer

Topics: How to tie the T. P. Stickleback Streamer Flypattern(s): T. P. Stickleback Streamer

  • By: Jay Fullum

Rorschach Bluegill

Topics: "the tale of a mentally ill fly fisher who contemplates suicide, but through fishing decides to keep living"

  • By: Jeff Hull

Inside Passage

Topics: Fishing small creeks in Southeastern Alaska for steelhead Fish: Steelhead Location(s): Southeast Alaska

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

"Wild Bonefish, Tarpon and Sex in Venezuela"

Topics: "bonefish and tarpon fishing in Los Roques and Tacarigua National Park, Venezuela" Fish: "bonefish, tarpon " Location(s): "Los Roques and Tacarigua National Park, Venezuela"

  • By: Ted Williams

Traveling Trout Flies

Topics: A solid foundation of flies will bring success nearly anywhere one travels

  • By: Dave Hughes

A Couple of Old Masters Make the Grade

Topics: "A Casting Approach to Nymphing Tactics (Fly Fishers Paradise), Beginnings (Krieger Enterprises)"

  • By: Don Dunkel


Topics: Problems with nymphing

  • By: John Gierach

Why Fly-Fish in Salt Water?

Topics: Salt water fly fishing and why one should try it

  • By: Jack Samson

A Little Bit of Sole

Topics: "sandals for wading: B-West Shaka, Chaco sandal, Five Ten Stealth Sandal, Gurkee Key West Diver, Hi-Tec Badwater Challenge, Merrell Whitewater, Pure Juice Rogue Fisher King, Teva"

  • By: Ted Leeson

The Tail of a Dry Fly Part II

Topics: Tailing techniques for better flotation

  • By: Darrel Martin