May 1995

May 1995

First Time on the Henry's Fork

Topics: "Henry's Fork, Tom McGuane, Snake River, Mike Lawson, Henry's Fork Lodge, women flyfishers, " Fish: "brown trout, rainbow trout " Location(s): Idaho State Sector: Idaho Water(s): "Snake River, Henry's Fork " Insect(s): "caddisflies, ants, Pale Morning Duns " Flypattern(s): "Caddisflies, ants,

  • By: Judy Muller

Thunder Gods & Rolling Stones

Topics: "Salmon, Iceland, Spey Casting, Mick Jagger, " Fish: Salmon

  • By: Susan Ewing

Across the Wide Missouri

Topics: "Missouri River, rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, river crowding, " Fish: "rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout" Location(s): "Montana, Missouri River " State Sector: Montana Water(s): Missouri River Insect(s): "Baetis, Pale Morning Duns, grasshoppers, Blue-Wing Olives, Pseudocloeons,

  • By: E. Neale Streeks

The Bottom of the Shallows

Topics: "stillwater fishing, pond fishing, sinking lines, searching patterns, depth fishing, spring fishing, early season fishing, float tube fishing, " Insect(s): "damselflies, dragonflies, nymphs" Flypattern(s): "Nymphs, Woolly Buggers, "

  • By: Dave Hughes

Fishing Matagorda Island

Topics: "Nature Conservancy, Matagorda Island, Redfish, Texas, Gulf of Mexico, Seatrout, ladyfish, " Fish: "redfish, ladyfish, seatrout, " Location(s): "Texas, Gulf of Mexico" State Sector: Southern Texas Water(s): "Salt, Gulf of Mexico" Flypattern(s): Clouser Minnow

  • By: Phil Shook

Bob Philip 1942-1995

Topics: Obituary

A Bass for Barclay

Topics: "Dave Barclay, Divorce, tarpon, peacock bass, canal fishing, Florida, bass" Fish: "tarpon, peacock bass, bass" Location(s): "Miami, Florida " State Sector: Florida Water(s): Fresh

  • By: Steve Kantner

Tying with Synthetics

Topics: "synthetic materials, fly-tying, fly tying with synthetic materials "

  • By: Darrel Martin

Sulphurs on the Farmington

Topics: "Farmington River, Connecticut, Farmington River Angler's Association, Steve Lewis " Fish: Brown trout Location(s): Farmington River State Sector: Connecticut Water(s): Farmington River Insect(s): "Sulphur Duns, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, Blue-Wing Olive " Flypattern(s): Sulphur Duns. Blue-Wing

  • By: Thomas Keer

Ascension Bay

Topics: "Yucatan, Ascension Bay, Cancun, Punta Allen, bonefish, permit, tarpon, barracuda, jack crevalle, Cuzan Guest House, Ascension Bay Bonefish Club, Casa Blanca " Fish: "bonefish, permit, tarpon, barracuda, jack crevalle, " Location(s): Mexico Water(s): "Salt, Caribbean Sea "

  • By: Jack Samson

Getting the Whole Picture

Topics: "casting practice, backcasting, horizontal casting "

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

The Work of John Robert White

Topics: "art, John River White"

Management by Ecosystem

Topics: "Mollie Beattie, US Army Corps of Engineers, flooding, Missouri River, Garrison Dam, Aldo Leopold, hatcheries, " Fish: "bluegills, crappie, buffalofish, largemouth bass, white bass, sunfish, warmouth "

  • By: Ted Williams

The Best Kind of Journal

Topics: "Marquesa: A Time and Place With Fish (Jeffrey Cardenas), A Different Angle: Fly-Fishing Stories by Women (Holly Martin), Shadow of the Salmon (C. Barr Taylor), Hooked: Funny Quotes from Serious Anglers (Raye Carrington), "

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Fishheads & Waltzing Clamworms

Topics: "Robert Lai's Bushworm, Jack Gartside's Fishead" Water(s): Salt

  • By: Darrel Martin

Spring Creeks

Topics: "Spring Creeks, selective trout, rod fees, fee fishing, difficult fishing " Fish: Trout Location(s): Montana State Sector: Montana Water(s): Spring creeks

  • By: John Gierach