March 1995

March 1995

Cabin Fever And The Catalog

Topics: "humor, shopping, fiction, fly rods, catalogs, "

  • By: Douglas R. Butler

Crisis in Florida Bay

Topics: "Florida Bay, Everglades, pollution, algae blooms, seagrass, turtle grass, sugar industry, Florida Keys, US Army Corps of Engineers, George Barley, hypersalinity, wetlands, redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit " Fish: "redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit "

  • By: Jack Samson


Topics: "gadgets, Lifetime Fly Box, fly boxes, nontoxic shot, Dinsmore Anchor, Gremlin Green, Heavy Metal, Flip-Focals, magnifying glasses, Orvis Magnifying Clip-on, fly-threading tools, Quick Tye, Easy Poke, leaders, backing, monofilament, fluorocarbons, tippet material, Duramax, backing, micro backing,

  • By: Tim Leary
  • , Buzz Bryson
  • and Ted Leeson


Topics: "Bluegills, panfish, panfishing, gravel pits, pond fishing, ponds, John Gierach, Colorado, float tubes, snapping turtles, bass, pumpkinseeds, bullhead, " Fish: "bluegills, pumkinseeds, panfish, bullheads, bass " Location(s): Colorado Water(s): "ponds, gravel pits " Flypattern(s): "Hare's Ear,

  • By: Dave Carty

Electronic Voyeurism

Topics: Fly Fishing for Striped Bass (East Coast Fisherman Productions); Trout: Tying and Fishing Effective Trout Flies (Randy Tomiuk Productions); Sports Afield Flyfishing (Best Films&Video Corp)

  • By: Don Dunkel

Rod Selection for Trout

Topics: "rod selection, casting, rod control, wiggle cast, Yellowstone Park, Slough Creek Meadows, The Custom Graphite Rod, rod butts, fly rod action, control, presentation, " Location(s): "Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Montana, Slough Creek Meadows " Water(s): Slough Creek Meadows

  • By: Dave Hughes

The Marvelous Muddler Minnow

Topics: "Muddler Minnow, deer hair, fly-tying, Dan Gapen, Lake Nipigon, Clouser Minnow, sculpin, grasshopper, stonefly " Insect(s): "sculpin, stonefly, grasshopper"

  • By: Bill Hunter


Topics: "guides, saltwater guides, bonefish, Crazy Charlie, Bonefish Special, Mother of Epoxy, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Belize, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, guiding" Fish: "bonefish, tarpon. shad " Location(s): "Florida Keys, Belize, San Pedro, Cayman Islands, Ambergris Caye " Water(s):

Barry Reynolds

Topics: "Barry Reynolds, pike, tiger muskie, Colorado, Pike on the Fly, wire leaders, Bunny Fly, flesh fly, Northern pike, muskie, Manitoba, Northwest Territories" Fish: "muskie, Northern pike, pike, tiger muskie" Location(s): "Colorado, Manitoba, Northwest Territories " Water(s): Quincy Reservoir Flypattern(s):

  • By: Jack Sayers

The Quick Cast

Topics: "saltwater casting, saltwater quick cast, Triangle Tapers, saltwater tapers, "

  • By: Joan Salvatto Wulff

County Supremacy

Topics: "Sagebrush Rebellion, Home Rule, Wise-Use Movement, Ranchers, water, cattle, Jim Nelson, overgrazing, " Fish: "cutthroat trout, dace, relict dace, "

  • By: Ted Williams

Some Archaic Arts

Topics: "The Art of Fly-Making (William Blacker); A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod (Everett Garrison and Hoagy B. Carmichael); Steelhead Country (Steve Raymond); Heron Hill Chronicle (George Reiger); Micropatterns: Tying and Fishing the Smal l Fly (Darrel Martin); A Flyfisher's Guide to

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Flies Run Through It

Topics: "Bunyan Bug, Yellow Quill, A River Runs Through It, Norman Maclean, Montana, Blackfoot River, Montana fly patterns, Western fly patterns, stone flies, Edward Lee Means, Paul Bunyan, Richard Rose, George Grant, salmon fly, Yellow Hackle, George Croonenberghs, Missoula, fly patterns, Montana" Location(s):

  • By: Darrel Martin


Topics: "rock bass, Formalin, biologists, " Location(s): "Colorado, Boulder County"

  • By: John Gierach