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Arcade BeltsArcade Belts

Arcade’s new Drake belt may not be the hottest topic at your next club meeting, but this belt holds a secret: a 37-inch ruler that allows you to quickly measure your catch and document its length with a photo. But that’s not the only reason to own the Drake—it’s a slim, stretchy, comfortable belt with an equally thin buckle that serves well for everyday use, and it also doubles as a wading belt. $26

Simms NipperSimms Nipper

Nippers always seem to disappoint. From bottom-of-the-barrel “fingernail clippers” that dull with mere air exposure to top-of-the-line machined-aluminum jobs that cost $200 and still never seem to stay sharp, nippers are fly-fishing gadgets that no one has ever quite gotten right. Simms may have done it with its newly redesigned machined-aluminum offering. The sharp jaws should hold up for at least a couple of seasons, and if they don’t, Simms offers replacement blades for only $14. The newest iteration moves the knot-picking needle tip to a more convenient side location where it is less likely to get bent. $29 —Zach Matthews

Postfly Monthly Fly BoxPostfly Monthly Fly Box

I can’t deny my excitement every time I get home and a UPS or FedEx box is sitting by the front door. If you feel the same way, subscribing to Postfly’s monthly gift-box service might be just right. Serving up flies, leaders, nippers, stickers, tippet and other fly-centric items—including a brochure that tells you how to use your new loot—Postfly makes it feel like Christmas never ends. These boxes are available in a variety of themes, including trout, warmwater, saltwater, steelhead & salmon, and fly tying. $19.99/month

Sci Anglers Ampere II Rod/OutfitSci Anglers Ampere II Rod/Outfit

You’re not going to hand SA’s new Ampere outfit to Steve Rajeff and say, “Go win the world championships with this,” but the Ampere is about the best option you’ll find for introducing newbies to the fly-fishing game. That’s because the outfit, which includes a 9-foot 5-weight, four-piece, fast-action rod and matching cast-aluminum reel plus a floating fly line and a leader, makes fly-fishing as simple as it gets. Buy a spool of 5X tippet, snag some flies from your local fly shop and get out there. $199.95

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 0.6 LiterKatadyn BeFree Water Filter 0.6 Liter

On two occasions—one being a backcountry day-hike for wilderness cutthroats and the other being a unique situation on Montana’s agriculturally influenced Gallatin River—I’ve run out of water and taken the big leap of faith. And what is that, you ask? It’s when you are so parched and believing you might die that you deem contracting giardia a worthwhile risk and drink as much water as you care to directly out of a river.

I’ve been lucky, but others haven’t . . . . They never paint a pretty picture of their unintended weight-loss programs, and they don’t receive kickbacks for Costco’s uptick in bulk TP sales. Fortunately, none of us have to worry about that as long as we carry a water-filtration system, and Katadyn’s ultra-compact BeFree 0.6-liter soft flask is a great option for day-trips.

This filter folds up nicely and fits easily in small pockets. It weighs nearly nothing, and if you fill it twice, you’ll get 40 ounces of 99.9-percent-clean water. Do that a few times on the hottest summer days, and you’ll feel good all the way down the trail to the truck. $39.95

Allen Fireside PantsAllen Fireside Pants

You can wade deep this winter in Allen’s Fireside Pants and not worry about freezing off your nether regions. That’s because durable Fireside Pants are fleece-lined and serve very well when worn under waders. $99.99

Patagonia Nano Puff PantsPatagonia Nano Puff Pants

Patagonia’s Nano Puff Pants weigh just 11.7 ounces, which means they provide maximum insulation with no bulk. That spells comfort while wearing waders during long spells on the water. As a bonus, these pants are highly packable, meaning you can take them off and stash them in a pack if the afternoon sun overheats you. $179

Secur SP-6000 12 Watt Solar PanelSecur SP-6000 12 Watt Solar Panel

You can fully charge this mobile solar panel in seven hours, which means you can charge a cell phone (and other items) up to five times before setting the Secur out in the sun again. Anytime I roll down the highway or even when I’m hanging at camp, the Secur is propped up on a dash or table absorbing power. That way I don’t have to worry about devices running out of juice when I need them most. $125

25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish

The National Park Service’s 100-year anniversary may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that Terry and Wendy Gunn’s new title, 25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish, is about to go out of style. In fact, if you’ve had any thoughts about fishing a national park—and why wouldn’t you?—this 269-page tome covering 25 parks should serve well. With Chapters ranging from Florida’s Biscayne Bay, to Maine’s Acadia, to Utah’s Capitol Reef, to Wyoming’s Yellowstone and Montana’s Glacier, this book gets you started on numerous trips of a lifetime. $32.95

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