Table-top Tools

  • By: Ted Leeson

While it’s true that the best tools in fly-tying are our 10 fingers, most of us find them a necessary, but not sufficient, condition.

Early Brown Stone

  • By: A. K. Best

This time of year, we often have remnant snow along the streambank, which makes you wonder if it’s really worth going trout fishing on what will probably be a rather dreary spring day. But the shack-nasties have been an affliction for days and you feel you must stand in frigid water and deal with ice in your guides…or spend the afternoon in a bar. I’ve done both. And dealing with ice in your guides is easier than feeling the residual pain after a few hours in your favorite pub.

Go to School—In the Keys

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Improve your skills and get to the next level of saltwater fly-fishing at one of the best fly-fishing schools in the country. It doesn't suck that it's also in Islamorada, in the beautiful Florida Keys...and that you will learn to cast from Chico Fernandez.

Sand Flats Shrimp

  • By: A. K. Best

I received my 2010 Umpqua Feather Merchants flies and materials catalog a few days ago and went right to the listing of flies to see what’s new. In scanning the “Saltwater” section, I counted nearly 100 bonefish flies. Not many of them resembled the little shrimp I saw when I snorkeled the Bahama’s flats some years ago. Nearly all of these flies contained enough material from which to make two or three patterns and there was way too much flash in both the body and “wing.” In fact, some of the old favorite, sparsely tied flies were missing from the collection.

Subtle Barbs

  • By: Chico Fernandez

Finding the right amount of barb for your hooks will ensure better hookups and more fish landed.