The Nymph Alternative

  • By: Chad Mason

MARCH 2010 ISSUE BONUS: When dry flies just aren't connecting on winter rivers, it's time to turn to Plan B for trout: Nymph rigs.

Winter Dry Leaders

  • By: Chad Mason

MARCH 2010 ISSUE BONUS: From "Dries When the Snow Flies": A system for delivering the goods when making surface presentations in Winter.

More on Digital Directions

  • By: Buzz Bryson

SKILLS SECTION: A continuation of the March 2010 "Ask FR&R" column by Buzz Bryson. Even more great insights into digital cameras and the facts you need to know.

Practical and Useful

  • By: Dave Hughes

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Pro Tying

  • Photography by: Emily Lilienthal

This innovative and small crawdad is a bass-sticker in Arizona and beyond.

Guide Flies


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Forget what Bogart said. Crush trout this spring with Chan’s deadly micro-leeches.

Practical and Useful

  • By: Dave Hughes
  • Photography by: David Hughes

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I learned to cast left-handed, but not because I injured my right shoulder, suffering with it for three years until rotator-cuff surgery finally freed me to cast right-handed again. No, that injury came many years later.

Short Casts

  • By: Tom Montgomery
  • and

New Bear Safety And Conflict Tactics.

Treadwell didn’t listen. You should.

by Tom Smith


guide flies

  • By: Kelly Galloup
  • Photography by: Louis Cahill

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The first time I took a fly pattern to a manufacturer was back in 1980, and since then I’ve submitted many, many more. For me it was a relatively easy process because there were very few people submitting new patterns at that time; now, as an established fly designer (and a shop owner for more than 30 years) it’s even less of a chore.

Angler of the Year: Chris Hayes

  • By: Chris Santella
  • Photography by: Jim Klug

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On arrival for my first visit to Belize’s Turneffe Atoll, I stepped off the boat a little dazed, partially from a long day of travel from the West Coast, and partly from the six or so Belikin beers I’d consumed en route. After fishing my laptop out of the drink (a result of those aforementioned Belikins), I shamefacedly shambled toward the main lodge where I was greeted by a short, trim gringo with a soft voice and even quieter demeanor—Craig Hayes, Turneffe Flats’ proprietor.