The Nymph Alternative

  • By: Chad Mason

MARCH 2010 ISSUE BONUS: When dry flies just aren't connecting on winter rivers, it's time to turn to Plan B for trout: Nymph rigs.

Winter Dry Leaders

  • By: Chad Mason

MARCH 2010 ISSUE BONUS: From "Dries When the Snow Flies": A system for delivering the goods when making surface presentations in Winter.

More on Digital Directions

  • By: Buzz Bryson

SKILLS SECTION: A continuation of the March 2010 "Ask FR&R" column by Buzz Bryson. Even more great insights into digital cameras and the facts you need to know.

Nymphing Simplified

  • By: David Hughes
  • Photography by: David Hughes

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In water as boisterous as this, you’ll need weighted nymphs and a substantial indicator. If you start fishing with a couple of small split-shot on your leader, you can add another if you’re not catching either trout or the bottom, and subtract one if you snag and fail to get a drift.

Low and Slow for Winter Trout

  • By: Kelly Galloup

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During winter’s low-light period, fish need to conserve energy or at least use their energy in an efficient and sparing way. In doing so, winter fish often move deeper or at least lower in the water column, much like a trout would during summer to avoid high water temperatures near the surface.