Land Access

Wild, Scenic & Trashed

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Mark Morgan
  • and Greg Iffrig

If not for their horse, ORV and jet-boat hatches, the first two scenic rivers designated by Congress would offer only inspiring scenery and quiet, enjoyable fishing.

Trout Unlimited mourns passing of Tony Dean

Trout Unlimited mourns passing of Tony Dean

Trout in Hot Water

Helena, MT (July 23, 2008) - Rivers and streams across the West are getting hotter and drier, making it increasingly difficult for trout to feed and spawn, according to a new report by fishing and conservation groups. The report says global warming is shrinking cold-water habitat, threatening the

Trout Unlimited acquires petroleum leases

Who Hates Trout Rivers?

  • By: Ted Williams
The Elk River flows out of the Appalachian Mountains and is one of the few rivers in West Virgina with wild rainbows  browns and

West Virginia is soiling some of the East's finest wild-trout water