• Photography by: John Sherman
  • , Barry Beck
  • , Zach Matthews
  • , Darcy Bacha
  • , Val Atkinson
  • and Tosh Brown

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Dogs are part of the fly-fishing landscape, and whether they are obedient or delinquent, cute and cuddly, or just hellhounds with a mouthful of teeth, they’re entertaining. And, as long as they aren’t swimming through a prime pool, and instead are waiting patiently on the bank with not a nail dipped in the drink, they make a day on the water that much better.

The Sporting Life

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White

The goal of fly-fishing isn’t just to

Practical and Useful

  • By: David Hughes

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Four steps to consistently taking trout on dries.


  • By: Stephen Camelio

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jJudging by his Twitter feud WITH Kanye West or his supposed love affair with Ben Affleck, everything seems to be a joking matter for Jimmy Kimmel. But underneath that crooked smile and snarky laugh is a serious guy.

Personal History

  • By: Galen Mercer
  • Illustrations by: Galen Mercer

jA PRIME NOTION OF TROUT FISHING has long been its supposed “arc of development.” In essential form, this begins with wanting to catch the most fish, morphs into pursuit of the largest, and concludes with a sole interest in a river’s most challenging specimens.