• By: Zach Matthews

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Ask most anglers what equals summer fun for them, and they’ll answer, “Trout.” But what to do during a heatwave, or high water, or when your favorite stream gets hit hard by the angling hordes?


  • By: Chris Santella

Personal History

  • By: George Cook
  • Photography by: George Cook

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jDeep in the blurry throws of engagement, I stepped out of a skiff on Alaska’s Nushagak River and said to my fiancée, Jen, “Yeah sweetie, you get first water all week long on this gig.”


  • Photography by: Barry Beck
  • , Zach Matthews
  • , John Sherman
  • , Tosh Brown
  • , Darcy Bacha
  • and Val Atkinson

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Dogs are part of the fly-fishing landscape, and whether they are obedient or delinquent, cute and cuddly, or just hellhounds with a mouthful of teeth, they’re entertaining. And, as long as they aren’t swimming through a prime pool, and instead are waiting patiently on the bank with not a nail dipped in the drink, they make a day on the water that much better.

The Sporting Life

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White

The goal of fly-fishing isn’t just to