Welcome to the Club

  • By: Dave Sherwood

If fly-fishing had a range, like a species of bird or plant, it might be considered “spotty.”
Populations of fly anglers have long been restricted to places where a rare combination of wealth, leisure time and education spawn the perfect microclimate. On a map, the United States and Great Britain stick out, with scattered migrants who flock seasonally to high-mountain or tropical habitats.

Sporting Life

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White

I went fishing a few days after my mother died, and not long before her funeral. This was after I asked my sister if she needed me for anything and she told me, no, everything was being taken care of. The subtext here is that I’m not the one in the family anyone would trust with such important arrangements.

Big, Dumb and Half Blind

  • By: Greg Thomas

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I’m not into numbers as a way to describe the quality of a fishing trip. If I were, half my life has been wasted on Pacific Northwest steelhead, where a tally of one a day, especially during the cold and rainy winter season, is about as good as anyone can hope for.

Angler of The Year

  • By: Zach Matthews

The pr people had a tough task ahead of them. Their bosses—an international multi-billion-dollar syndicate, headed up by a Canadian mining company called Northern Dynasty Minerals—wanted to start digging on a new project.